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Best Travel Subscription Boxes For Adults

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission from the discount codes used or when a link/ad is clicked. All purchases made will come at no extra cost to you, and I only include products and services that I have personally used and would recommend.

Whether we like it or not, most of us aren’t able to travel all of the time. But that doesn’t stop us from dreaming about our next destination. Luckily, there are plenty of travel subscription boxes out there to help us get our travel fix. Subscription boxes are very popular right now, and are a great option for that travel lover in your life. Let’s face it though, if you’re anything like me then you’ll be treating yourself to a monthly travel subscription box without a second thought.

Subscription boxes come in all shapes and sizes, and cover a variety of different themes. There’s everything from organic subscription boxes to souvenir subscription boxes to travel food subscription boxes. There really is something for everyone, especially if you’re looking to scratch that travel itch. Plus, they make great travel gifts too. I’ve put together a list of some of the best travel subscription boxes for adults to help you choose the perfect option for either yourself or a loved one (but mostly yourself).

Table of Contents

Global Subscription Boxes

Whisky Flavour

If you or someone you know loves whisky, then the Whisky Flavour monthly subscription box will be the perfect fit. Whisky Flavour is based in Portugal and grew from a desire to share different types of whisky in an easy and affordable way. Each month you’ll receive 4 miniature bottles of whiskey from different parts of the world to sample. Have you tried Swiss whisky before? The box also includes a whisky glass, whisky stones to keep your drink chilled, a cork coaster, and a leaflet that explains the origin of each whisky. All of this comes in a beautiful wooden box which can easily be reused (maybe to store more miniature bottles).

With this whisky subscription box, you don’t even have to venture outside of the house to get a taste of different parts of the world - the flavours are brought right to your doorstep. Whisky Flavour offers four subscription options, costing €60 a month. Although they’re based in Portugal, they ship worldwide with registered mail so you can easily track your order. Whisky Flavour is the best travel subscription box if whisky is your go-to drink. It also makes for a great gift idea for people who love to travel.


As much as I would love to visit Japan, I haven’t managed to plan a trip there just yet. That's why I absolutely love the Japanese subscription box by Sakuraco. Each month they put together a collection of authentic Japanese snacks, sweets, and teas, many of which come from local makers in Japan. The theme of the box changes each month as well so you’re always in for a pleasant surprise. My Japanese subscription box from Sakuraco was cherry blossom themed, with the majority of the items inside of the box including a cherry blossom in them in some way. I loved the decorative snack bowl that was added as well. If you’re unfamiliar with Japanese snacks, there’s a very detailed booklet which provides you with background information for each item in the box.

There are a variety of different subscription options available, ranging from monthly up to 12 months. Their prepaid plans work out to be slightly cheaper at $32.50 per box. As you’ve probably guessed, Sakuraco is based in Japan but ships worldwide. They often have monthly promotions through their social media pages so make sure to take a look before ordering. Sakuraco is a great travel subscription box for adults, especially if you’re craving a taste of Japan while you’re at home. You can also check out their other brand, Tokyo Treat for more Japanese subscription box options.

The Nomadik

The Nomadik is the perfect travel subscription box for people who are always outdoors. Each month you can expect a themed boxed that’s filled with the latest travel gear and brands. The team at The Nomadik will tailor the box to your interests with the aim of inspiring you to get outdoors more. My welcome box included a hammock so I can’t wait to try that out on my next excursion. In total, you'll receive 3-7 full-sized products per box, with a guaranteed value of $50.

The Nomadik is based in the United States, but offers worldwide shipping - free shipping is not available for international addresses though. They have a couple of different subscription options available, from monthly to quarterly boxes. The prices start at $29.99 per month for a 12 month subscription, and the quarterly box is priced at $149.99 per quarter. The quarterly box has a much higher value compared to the monthly box, hence the price difference. If this sounds like the best travel subscription box for you, and you like discounts, enter the code KRISTA10 at checkout for an extra 10% off your order.

The Scot Box

I personally love Scotland, so I couldn’t have been more excited when my subscription box from The Scot Box was delivered. The theme of this box was Edinburgh, and it consisted of books covering the history of Edinburgh, sweets, a tartan tea towel, and other Scottish goodies. There was also a handwritten card inside which is a lovely added touch. All of this comes wrapped in tartan tissue paper to add some extra "Scottishness" to things. This is the perfect travel subscription box for Scots who are abroad and missing home, or for those of you, like me, who fell in love with the country and want a monthly reminder of their travels.

What’s great about The Scot Box is that, as well as the monthly subscription box, they also offer a huge variety of Scottish snack boxes. These are filled with treats people in Scotland would have grown up eating, and you can even build your own box too! The Scot Box costs £44.50 monthly with shipping included, but they offer a three-month payment plan of £14.83 to cover the cost of one box to make it more affordable for people. They provide worldwide shipping - even to remote places which is fantastic. You can get 15% off your box using the code XPLORE15. Any box from The Scot Box would make a great travel gift box for that Scotland-obsessed person in your life too.


If snack boxes are your thing, WowBoxMe might be the perfect option for you. Based in the UK, WowBoxMe sends a monthly snack box to your door, filled with a variety of the latest emerging products from popular brands. My box had a fairly even mixture of food and drinks, some of which I hadn’t come across while shopping before so they were nice to try out. It included brands such as Evian, Tango, Nature’s Heart, and UFIT. As well as the snack box, WowBoxMe also offers a healthy box, craft beer box, and wine box, so you can choose which one suits you best. You obviously can’t take the drinks on the plane with you, but the snacks are perfect for flights. And you can always take the drinks with you if you’re going on the train or planning a road trip.

The subscription boxes from WowMeBox start at £4.99 for the Discovery Box, and increase depending on which box you prefer. They’re based in the UK but can ship abroad if requested. In terms of travel subscription boxes, this is one that I would recommend if you’re planning a trip and want unique snacks to take with you. You can never have too many snacks!

The Travelling Reader

The Travelling Reader offers subscribers a chance to dive into everything British. Each month you’ll be sent a fictional novel set somewhere in the UK, with the products inside of the box relating to the book’s setting. It’s a very unique subscription box for adults who love to read and are also interested in history - like me. My box was Windsor themed, with a book titled The Duchess by Wendy Holden included. The book dives into the life of Wallis Simpson during her time in London, taking a different perspective from what most people have read about her in history books.

While I was flipping through the pages, I was pleasantly surprised to find a series of photographs spread out between the pages of different landscapes. As well as the book, the subscription box included items such as an illustrated notebook, luxury fudge, beautifully scented hand cream, a bookmark, and English Breakfast tea from Darvilles of Windsor. It's an ideal subscription box if you like to snuggle up at home and transport yourself to another time through literature.

My subscription box was The Original Travelling Reader, but they offer a London themed box as well. Both boxes cost £34.99 per month, and although The Travelling Reader is based in the UK, they offer worldwide shipping. It’s the perfect excuse to add another book to your collection and a nice way to immerse yourself in British culture.

The Holiday In A Box Co.

If you’re unable to plan a trip abroad, you can let The Holiday In A Box Co. bring the world to you instead. They have a selection of city breaks and family adventures to choose from, and each box is specially made to help foster respect and appreciation for both the planet and the wide variety of cultures that inhabit it. I received the Bangkok City Break box which has a special connection to the founder of the brand.

Having never been to Bangkok, I was interested to learn more about it through this subscription box. The box included a luxury scented candle inspired by Thai markets, lime-infused cooking oil, a spirit measure to help you recreate the cocktail recipes from 137 Pillars Bangkok, a guide to Thai etiquette, an introduction booklet to the city, and a series of activity cards. As an added bonus, this Bangkok subscription box includes a virtual cookery class with The Courageous Kitchen who help to support the city’s marginalised young people.

The Holiday In A Box Co. is a great option if you’re looking for monthly subscription boxes for couples, but it’s equally as great for solo travellers too. The City Break subscription boxes cost £45 per month, and you also have the option to build your own bundles. The Holiday In A Box Co. is based in the UK but ships internationally, with a tracking number provided after purchase. The only question now is - what city will you be heading to?


Flaviar is a fantastic subscription box for adults who enjoy trying premium spirits and want to learn more about them. It’s a spirit club for explorers at heart, who can comfortably taste the world from home. Their subscription box services are a little different than what you’re probably used to, since you’re able to choose the contents of your box. And there are more than enough spirits from around the world to choose from on their platform. With my standard membership, I was able to select 2 products out of their tasting boxes and bottles. I went with a Japanese rice vodka from Ukiyo, which is said to be very pure and smooth in flavour. My second choice was the rum tasting box Here Be Pirates, Yo-ho! (I had to choose this because I love pirates.) The tasting box includes 3 tasting tubes of different rums, a stone coaster, and information about each rum. It’s beautifully presented and would make a great travel gift (if you don’t keep it for yourself).

Flaviar offers three different types of annual subscriptions: Standard, Premium, and All Access. The Standard membership costs £109 and includes 2 products, Premium costs £199 and includes 4 products, and All Access costs £249 and gives you access to 8 products over the year which are delivered quarterly. All of the memberships also include access to their members only platform where you can create new recipes, learn more about the world of premium spirits, and have early access to exclusive releases. They currently ship to the UK, EU, and a selection of states in the USA. If you’re not in these locations, they suggest contacting them to see what they can do for you. Flaviar’s spirit subscription box will have you tasting the world in no time - and all from home too.


As someone who loves to travel, I always try to support local artisans at the places I visit. There are many destinations I have yet to cross off of my bucket list though, which is why I love the concept behind NOVICA’s Undiscovered Box. This subscription box takes you on a seasonal journey of a new region, where you can learn more about the cultures and traditions through handcrafted pieces.

My spring artisan box was centred around Costa Rica, and included five unique fair trade products. The boxes are completely customizable so you can choose what items you receive. Each item comes with a small label to introduce you to the artisan and give you some background about why the product is important to the local customs. My box included hand woven tea towels and place mats, a hand carved sloth bookmark, a singing gecko, and beautiful wooden serving spoons. There was also a worry doll and notebook inside. NOVICA’s Undiscovered Box is the best ethical subscription box out there, and every purchase helps local communities too.

NOVICA ships worldwide on a quarterly basis. The boxes cost $59.99 and are billed every three months, but the items inside are valued at much higher than that. Plus, once you register for their platform, you’ll have access to a range of artisan products to purchase at a discounted rate. It really is a win-win with this unique travel subscription box.

Tea Runners

Tea Runners is a monthly subscription box coming to you from Canada. If you haven’t guessed by the name, they send a selection of loose leaf teas right to your door, so that you can discover the flavours of the world in a unique way. Each month they offer four boxes to choose from, that are packed with four types of teas from rare and small batch producers. I tried their Original Box, which included blended, herbal, and pure teas. This box is ideal if you’re just starting out on your tea adventure. The great thing about this tea subscription box is that flavours aren’t repeated for at least eight months, and if you don’t like a tea included in your box, you can always customize it. These teas are ones you won’t find on the shelves in grocery stores.

Tea Runners is based out of British Columbia, in Canada, and offers worldwide shipping (free shipping to Canada and the US). Their monthly subscription boxes cost $25.00 per month, and they guarantee that your first box will be shipped out within 48 hours of ordering it. If you’re always on the hunt for new flavours of tea while you’re on your travels, then this is the best travel themed subscription box for you.


If you simply can’t wait to taste all of the sweet treats that Europe has to offer, EuropeCrate is here to help you out. This tasty subscription box comes with 8-12 of the best snacks from Europe, and each month a different country is covered through their pamphlet that also provides a little history lesson, a recipe to try, and information about the snacks inside the box. I guarantee you won’t have tried more than half of these snacks before, which is what makes this box so fun to dig into. My box included information about Belgium and snacks from the UK, Sweden, Germany, Poland, and Finland. Since the labels aren’t always in English, EuropeCrate also provides a run down of the ingredients contained in each snack. These European snacks are perfect to munch on at home, or to take on your next trip!

EuropeCrate is based in Europe, and offers free shipping worldwide without a tracking code, or you can pay $5 to receive a tracking code. Their monthly subscription box costs $29.00 per month, but for a 12 month registration this price drops to $26.00 - yay savings! Plus, you can grab 20% off your first box purchase using the code KRISTA20. New snacks are added each month, so who knows what you’ll be treating yourself to next.

The Wordy Traveler

If you enjoy reading about far off places and blending your love of books with travel, then you’ll want to dive into The Wordy Traveler subscription box. Their boxes are shipped quarterly, and feature a different part of the world through books, artisanal souvenirs, and ethically-sourced premium tea and coffee. This spring’s destination is the Danube, and the Dual Backpacker subscription box included two books, coffee and tea, a beautiful print from along the Danube, and a selection of accessories which are all made by artisans. Every purchase made helps to provide life saving nutrition for two children as well. The box is also designed like a suitcase, so it’s an adventure right when it’s delivered to your door. When you subscribe, you can choose how many books you want delivered in your box, so if you’re an avid reader you can receive enough books to last you until the next delivery date!

The Wordy Traveler is based in the US but offers worldwide shipping. They give you complete control over how many quarters you wish to prepay for, how many books you receive in each box, and what type of books you want (fiction, non-fiction, or a combination). Prices start at $54.99 and increase depending on your subscription box preference. It’s definitely one of the best travel subscription boxes for adults who want to explore the world from their favourite reading spot at home.

Crated With Love

If you ever find yourself stuck on what to do for date night, then you’re going to want to subscribe to Crated With Love. Each month they create a new Date Night in a Box which is filled with games and activities aimed at promoting a fun date night. There’s also the option to buy single games if you don’t want to subscribe to a monthly box. My box included 2 games, Madame Meteora’s House of Curiosities and Arcade Invasion, and I also added two of their new card games to try as well - so there's a great variety to choose from! The great thing about these games is that they come in small boxes. They’re easy to transport if you’re heading out on a road trip or even if you’re going on a flight, so you can take the fun on the go with you. Plus, you never know which games are going to land on your doorstep each month.

Crated With Love is based in the US, and currently ships worldwide except to the UK. Their Date Night in a Box costs $29.99 per month, and is the best option if you’re looking to save some money as it actually works out cheaper than buying some of the games separately. Of course, if you just want to try a couple of games out without committing to the monthly plan, you can do that too. Crated With Love is a great subscription box for couples, and it’s an added bonus that these games can join you on your travels too.


Wanderkarma is a fantastic travel subscription box service which helps to support the local economy of the countries that they feature. Each month you can expect to receive up to 5 artisan pieces of jewellery or home décor - and they are stunning! I received their Colombia box, which featured some incredible handmade pieces of jewellery from the Emberá indigenous people, as well as a cute beaded sunglasses holder. The box also featured two packages of Colombian coffee and a guide about their fair trade partnerships in Colombia. Wanderkarma will take you on a world journey every month, so if you’re a supporter of local artisans and unique crafts then you’ll definitely want to subscribe to this. I personally can’t wait to see what country will be featured next month!

Wanderkarma is based in the US, and shipping prices are determined at checkout and will vary depending what part of the world you’re in. The monthly travel subscription box costs $55.00 per month, but there are options to prepay for 3, 6, and 12 months which will save you a bit of money. Wanderkarma are always two steps ahead, so as you’re opening your box you can be sure that they’re already on the hunt for the next artisans to feature!

UK Subscription Boxes

Socks In A Box

Who doesn’t like receiving socks as a gift? Socks are a pretty essential part of travelling, which is why Socks In A Box is the perfect travel subscription box for adults. What I love about this subscription box is that all of their socks are sustainably made from bamboo, making them extremely soft and durable. Their socks come in a variety of different colours and patterns, so no two pairs of socks will be the same. Plus, they fit right through your mailbox meaning if you aren’t home when they’re delivered, you can guarantee they’ll be waiting for you.

Socks In A Box offers 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions, with the option of one or two pairs of socks delivered each month. Their prices start at £22.50 and increase depending on the amount of socks and duration you choose. They’re also available for both men and women so you can get the whole family fresh socks each month. Or, you can opt for their couples box which includes two pairs of socks. Socks In A Box are based in the UK, and currently don’t ship abroad, but if you’re in the UK you can grab 10% off your order using the code KRISTA10. It’s definitely one of the more useful monthly subscription boxes for travellers out there.

The Cheese Society

For all you cheese lovers out there, there’s no better subscription box than The Cheese Society. This family run business is based in the cathedral quarter of Lincoln (England) and definitely knows a thing or two about local and hard to obtain cheeses. If you can’t make it down to Lincoln, The Cheese Society, using their own special cheesemonger, will hand-cut a selection of seasonal cheeses from both the UK and the continent and ship them to you. These are often a mixture of traditional cheeses and more unique flavours. The great thing about this foodie subscription box is that they include cheese you probably wouldn’t have thought to try before - and you’ll love tasting them! All of the cheeses come individually wrapped with a leaflet explaining what each cheese is. There’s also a cooling pack in the box so your cheese stays nice and fresh.

The Cheese Society offers one of the more unique travel subscription boxes for adults, especially those who love cheese. Their subscription boxes can be bought on a monthly basis, or prepaid for up to 12 months, with the cheapest option being £38 per box. They’re only able to ship within the UK (sorry everyone) but if you happen to be touring in England you can always pop down to their shop in Lincoln and grab a bite to eat in their cafe, or take some cheese home with you.


No one likes to feel like they’re missing out, which is why JOMO Club has created an impressive non-alcoholic spirit subscription box. They’ve set out to prove that you can make high-quality, delicious tasting drinks that are alcohol free. JOMO Club has a big variety of subscription boxes available, including one-off boxes if you don’t want to commit to monthly deliveries.

Their “I Hate Surprises” box is full to capacity with spirits, mixers, and snacks. I personally can’t wait to try the alternative to tequila by Mockingbird Spirits. The Amplify Zing & Zest spirit also looks great to use in the summer months. In total there are three different mixers included, as well as garnish to add to your cocktail, and a miniature spirit bottle from Anon Drinks. Of course you can’t have a cocktail without snacks, so the crisps and chocolate are a nice touch. As a bonus, there’s a beautiful rose gold spirit measure included. What better way to taste flavours from around the world and support local businesses at the same time than with JOMO Club?

JOMO Club is a UK based company, currently only shipping within the UK itself. Their cancel anytime monthly subscription boxes start at £38 per month, or you can choose bi-monthly or quarterly deliveries. JOMO Club also offers one-time purchase boxes such as “I Hate Surprises” or “Limited Edition CBD” which are great alternatives. You certainly won’t be missing out with their subscription boxes.

Crafty Nectar

For all you cider lovers out there, Crafty Nectar have come up with the perfect subscription box for you. The Craft Cider Discovery Box will be delivered to your door monthly, and inside is 6 carefully selected ciders from around the UK. My box was made up of various ciders from Somerset, which were all slightly different from one another, showcasing the different flavours that cider can have. There are also some tasting notes included in the box to help you get the most out of your ciders. This subscription box is a fun way to drink your way around the UK without leaving your home, and you may find a new favourite cider along the way too.

The Craft Cider Discovery Box starts at £79.99 for a 3 month subscription, with next day delivery available during the week. They also have the option of a 6 and 12 month subscription if you really love your cider. Crafty Nectar focuses on small-batch cider as well as sustainability, and currently only ships within the UK. If you love cider, then this is a unique version of a travel subscription box that you can’t miss out on.

North American Subscription Boxes


What’s better than having sweets and snacks sent right to your door every month? Sugarwish allows its customers to completely customize their snack boxes, meaning you won’t get sweets or snacks that you don’t like in the mail. The idea behind Sugarwish is that you send a box as a gift, so the person can choose for themselves what they’d like. But don’t worry, you can also treat yourself! They have six different types of boxes available, but if you’re in Canada only their sweets, snacks and coffee & tea boxes can be shipped across the border. For those of you in America, you can even treat your dog with some natural treats. You can also choose what size the box is, which will affect how many snacks are included. I chose their medium snack box, which I filled with a variety of healthy snacks (minus the M&Ms), and I can’t wait to take them on my next road trip to nibble on!

Sugarwish is a US company who currently only ships within the US and Canada. As noted above, the boxes are limited if you live within Canada, but at least we can enjoy some snacks! The Snack Sugarwish box starts at $23 for the mini box (2 snacks) and goes up to the XL box which includes twelve snacks and is priced at $78. All of the snacks are labelled and sealed, and come in a beautiful box which is reminiscent of a candy shop. Regardless of which version of the box you choose, you’re going to love these snacks.

Carnivore Club

Carnivore Club is a unique subscription box catered to people who love meat. Specifically, people who love handcrafted premium artisanal meats. Each month their box includes 4-6 cured meats from an artisan to sample, each with a unique flavour. I received the Classic Box from Carnivore Club Canada (they also ship from the US), which featured C Cochon who specialize in only the best high-quality Quebecois charcuterie. Their unique salami flavours, such as beer, cheddar, and roast pepper, paired with sliced salami will definitely make any charcuterie board a hot topic of conversation. Plus, there are lots of gluten-free options available as well! Each month you get to sample different meats from all over the country that you won’t find in a grocery store, which is why Carnivore Club is the perfect subscription box for people who love to travel.

Since I’m based in Canada, my box was delivered by Carnivore Club Canada, but they also have a US version if you’re in the states. The Classic Box starts at $54.99 CAD per month, but there are also a few other options available such as the Snack Box or the Complete Box, depending on your preference. Carnivore Club only ships within Canada and the US, but if you happen to be visiting either country, you can always purchase a one-time box to try. This meat subscription box is a great way to support artisans and discover new flavours. You could even take them on a road trip with you if you're planning on travelling around the country.

Acre75 Gathered

Acre75 Gathered is a fantastic Canadian seasonal subscription box, showcasing high-quality products from small towns across the country. Essentially, it’s a road trip in a box. Each box comes with a mixture of handmade local goods from at least six businesses, ranging from household items to food to body care. I received their summer box which had a tropical twist to it. Apart from Ontario, there were products from British Columbia, Newfoundland, Alberta, and New Brunswick, so it really was a Canadian adventure. There was even some Piña Colada pancake mix which I can’t wait to try with some mixed fruit. If you live in Canada, or even if you’re only visiting, you won’t want to miss out on this fun subscription box. It's a great way to treat yourself, and makes a unique gift for someone who loves to travel.

This Canadian travel subscription box is based in a small town in southwestern Ontario, and currently only ships within Canada. If you want to try a box out before committing to a seasonal subscription, you can purchase one of their boxes for $97.95 CAD, but you’ll no doubt want one of these boxes turning up at your door a few times a year! Acre75 Gathered is the perfect way to take a road trip through Canada, without even leaving your house. Plus, it will definitely inspire you to get out and explore small towns in your local area.

Let's Go Eco

If you don’t know where to find small sustainable businesses in Canada, Let’s Go Eco does all the hard work for you! Their quarterly subscription box has eco-conscious and sustainable products, all from businesses across Canada - and globally. Every quarter (3 months) you can expect your seasonal box to be filled with 6-10 of the latest trends in earth friendly, low-waste products that range from wellness to home, health, beauty, and fashion. These boxes are specially made to help people live a more waste-free lifestyle, and at the same time introduce people to small businesses that they may not have come across before.

The summer subscription box from Let’s Go Eco comes filled with unique items that will make your summer all the more enjoyable. A stunning foldable sun hat, a plastic-free sunscreen stick, cocktail syrup, bug spray, and two copper patio mugs were just some of the items included (I don’t want to spoil all of the unboxing fun). Most of the products are travel sized, so you can easily pack them into your suitcase or backpack when you hit the road this summer on your next adventure - bonus!

Let’s Go Eco is based in Toronto, and currently only ships within Canada and the US. A one-time box with no commitment costs $99.99 CAD, or if you subscribe you can save 10% and only be charged $89.99 CAD quarterly. After two boxes, if you don’t want to continue the subscription you’re free to cancel anytime. Shipping costs $10.00 CAD within Canada, and $20.00 CAD to the US. And if you want to save 10% more on your first subscription box (not including one-time boxes), use the code KRISTA10 at checkout! There’s no better way to support small businesses and be more eco-friendly than subscribing to Let’s Go Eco.

Grill Masters Club

In the summer months there’s nothing better than heating up the grill and enjoying the outdoors. Even in the cooler months, BBQ’s are still a lot of fun. Grill Masters Club is the perfect subscription box for adults, and each month the limited edition box is filled with unique BBQ products and recipes from around America. What better way to up your grilling game and impress everyone with your BBQ knowledge? Their June 2022 box’s theme is The Spice of Life featuring world championship-winning pitmaster Heath Riles. And there are a lot of bold flavours to unpack here.

This BBQ subscription box includes the Heath Riles Sweet BBQ Sauce, Old Pit Dust Rub by Red Dirt Rich BBQ, Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce by Underwood Ranches (there’s a bit of kick!), Lane's Original Smoked Finishing Salt, and Grill Bags by Jaccard which are perfect for grilling year round. I’m not too knowledgeable on grilling techniques and recipes, so I found their product overview page to be really helpful, plus it provides you with more information about each product so you know exactly how to use them. Inside the subscription box is a QR code on the recipe booklet where you’ll get the full Grill Masters Experience - so don’t forget to check that out too! I used a mixture of this month’s products to create a delicious burger, but next time I might be a bit bolder and try something bigger.

Grill Masters Club is based in Florida, and ships across the United States and Canada. They do offer international shipping, but don’t guarantee the condition of the box outside of the US. The #1 grilling and BBQ subscription box in America costs $32.99 per month if you subscribe for 12 months, or if you want to try it out for 3 months it costs $37.99 per month. It’s time to whip out that grill and start BBQ season in the right way, with all of the best BBQ products America has to offer, and lots of tasty recipes to try too.

Letters From Afar

In the age of technology, it’s not very often you receive a handwritten letter in the mail anymore. But Letters From Afar is here to change that and bring a little bit of nostalgia to your life. Letters From Afar follows the journey of a female explorer, Isabelle, who writes a letter to you at each stop she makes around the globe. Isabelle is fictional, but is based off of a 19th century solo female explorer of the same name. The letters are beautifully written, and include stunning illustrations to help you visually the destination. Each letter is accompanied by field notes which give you interesting facts about the location, as well as a map. Their letters are great for people who love to travel, and are a fascinating and unique way to learn more about culture, history, and even cuisine. So far I’ve received six letters in the mail, which have ranged from places such as Antarctica, Japan, Spain, and Slovenia. The stories will transport you to another time and location, all while you sit at home with your feet up.

Letters From Afar is based in the US, but offers international shipping for a slightly higher postage fee. Each month you will receive one letter from a new destination, with a unique illustration and field notes. The address on the envelope is typed in a vintage font as well, so you really do get the full traditional snail mail experience. The letters cost only $6.00 per month, and you have the option of subscribing for just one month, 6 months, yearly, or if you prefer you can receive the letter via email for $5.00. With Letters From Afar, the world is at your feet - in the form of letters!

Panty By Post

Panty By Post is probably one of the best subscription boxes for adults who simply don’t have time in their busy schedule to go out and shop for new underwear. This Canadian based subscription box will send you a luxurious pair of panties (knickers) right to your door each month, and you’re in full control of what style, fashion line, and size you receive (but they do like to surprise you still). The quality of their panties and the fact that they support women and the environment are just a few more reasons you’re going to love this monthly subscription box. Each product you receive will be wrapped in silk paper and comes inside a beautifully designed box that includes a card with the details of your panties written on it. I received a selection from their basic, signature, and premium lines which are all different styles and come from Montelle Intimates and Blush.

Panty By Post is based in Canada, and currently offers free shipping to Canada and the US. For an additional $8.00 USD they’re able to ship to other countries though. The cost of their subscription box varies depending on what style of panties you choose. Prices range from $18.00 to $35.00 CAD per month. They also have the option of a bra and panty matching set for $48.00 CAD per month. You won’t want to miss out on this subscription box, even the people at Cityline have labelled it the #1 gift idea and their favourite lingerie subscription service!

There are many more travel subscription boxes out there to choose from, with everything from travel mystery boxes to cruise subscription boxes covered. Whether you like receiving souvenirs or prefer some snacks to munch on at home, there’s something for every type of traveller, wherever you are in the world. Hopefully my list of the best travel subscription boxes for adults will give you some more travel inspiration and help you choose the best one for you, or that travel obsessed person in your life.

Is there a travel subscription box that I missed and you think I should try out? I’d love to hear your recommendations, so please leave a comment below or get in touch via email. And don’t forget to follow my travels on Instagram too!


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