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Unique Sustainable Gifts For Travel Lovers

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission from the discount codes used or when a link/ad is clicked. All purchases made will come at no extra cost to you, and I only include products and services that I have personally used and would recommend.

Sustainable travel has become increasingly important in recent years, with a massive influx of eco-friendly products and travel brands dominating our screens. I try to be as eco-friendly as possible while I’m travelling, and over the past year I’ve come across a lot of unique sustainable gifts that are perfect for travel lovers, many of which are made up of locally sourced materials too. While there’s certainly no shortage of sustainable travel gifts to choose from, finding a brand that really resonates with you or the person you’re buying for can be a bigger task. Luckily for you though, I’ve done all of the hard work and found the best eco-friendly gifts for travellers from a wide variety of travel brands.

If you read my travel gift guide from last year, The Best Gifts To Give People Who Love To Travel, you may recognize a couple of sustainable travel brands from it, but there are plenty of new additions too! Whether you’re looking for sustainable travel clothing, a sustainable travel backpack, or handmade travel gifts, this gift guide has got you covered!

Unique Sustainable Gifts For Travel Lovers

Pair of hemp shoes on feet hanging in the air in a hemp field.
Explorer V2 | Photo credit: 8000Kicks

Explorer V2 by 8000Kicks

Did you know you can use hemp to make shoes? 8000Kicks is a Portuguese company who have designed and engineered the first waterproof hemp shoes and the world’s first hemp insoles. The shoes use 72% less CO2 and 70% less water to make than regular shoes and include 100g of repurposed algae blooms. I almost forgot to mention - they’re 100% Vegan too and available for women and men! What I love about these shoes, other than the fact that they’re eco-friendly, is how lightweight and comfortable they are to walk in. I spent a full day walking around Málaga in them and had no foot pain whatsoever. If this isn’t a unique sustainable gift I don’t know what is.

Shipping: 8000Kicks ship to the USA, Canada, EU, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan. They offer free EU/USA exchanges and returns.

Price: $129

Discount: EXPLORER10 for 10% off all orders.

A black passport cover with a map on it with gold stitches.
Vegan Passport Cover | Photo credit: Chasing Threads

Vegan Passport Cover by Chasing Threads

You may recognize Chasing Threads from last year’s gift guide, but this year I wanted to shed some light on their Vegan range of passport covers. The covers are made from high-quality PU and include a thread and needle so that you can easily stitch your trips onto it. The Vegan Passport Cover is a great way to help you remember all of your adventures, and I guarantee no one else will have a sustainable passport cover quite like this one. There are currently four colour choices available, and you can upgrade your stitches to some Electric Threads to really make your passport cover stand out. I’ve been using my Chasing Thread’s Passport Cover for a few years now and it’s still in mint condition and protects my passport as well as it ever did. It’s the perfect sustainable gift for travel lovers!

Shipping: Chasing Threads ships internationally, delivery times will vary based on location.

Price: £25 - £28.50

Discount: KRISTA10 for 10% off all orders.

4 images showing a seat cover on a plane.
Seat Cover & Pillowcase Kit | Photo credit: Safe Travels Kit

Antimicrobial Plane Seat Cover and Pillowcase Kit by Safe Travels Kit

Upgrading your seat has never been easier than with Safe Travels Kit. Their antimicrobial plane seat cover and pillowcase kit limits the exposure to germs and bed bugs that you can be susceptible to while flying, and its hypoallergenic properties make it perfect for people with allergies or who have sensitive skin. It also includes a face mask and antibacterial wipes to use while you’re travelling. The great thing about the seat cover and pillowcase is that they can be reused between flights and are machine washable, reducing the amount of waste produced by disposable seat covers. For every kit purchased, a tree is planted by Team Trees to help offset carbon emissions caused by planes. Plus, you can get the seat cover monogrammed with initials to make this sustainable travel gift even more special! The Safe Travels Kit also fits most train and car seats too, making it suitable for all types of travellers.

You can purchase the Safe Travels Kit through their website, Amazon, Bloomingdales, or international Italian airports: Malpensa, Linate, and Pisa.

Shipping: Safe Travels Kit ship worldwide.

Price: $44.99

Discount: Visit Save Travel Kit’s website for their latest offers!

Row of three different coloured duffel bags ascending on an outdoor staircase.
Pakt One | Photo credit: Pakt

Pakt One by Pakt

The Pakt One is my go-to sustainable travel bag when I’m travelling with only a carry-on. It’s incredibly easy to pack since it opens like a suitcase, with the added feature of being able to carry it like a duffel bag. For those of you who over-pack, you’d be surprised at how much you can cram into the Pakt One! The materials used to make the bag are very strong, so even if it's bulging at the seams, the zipper won’t let you down. With plenty of pockets and compartments, and a 35L capacity, the Pakt One is a great alternative to travelling with a suitcase. What makes Pakt a sustainable travel brand? All of their materials are animal friendly and their supply chain has been optimized to minimize their environmental impact. They also use 100% plastic-free packaging so you can order from them guilt-free!

Shipping: Click here for a full list of countries that Pakt ship to.

Price: $275

Discount: Visit Pakt's website for their latest offers!

A woman pouring hot water into a portable coffee filter.
The Pakt Coffee Kit | Photo credit: Pakt

The Coffee Kit by Pakt

Unique sustainable travel products are what Pakt are known for, so it’s no surprise that they’ve invented the world’s first compact, all-in-one coffee-making kit. It’s one of the best eco-friendly travel gifts out there for anyone who loves coffee and struggles to make a good brew while on the go. The Pakt Coffee Kit’s nesting design means that it can withstand the knocks brought on while travelling and makes it easy to pack without taking up much room. And yes - it’s carry-on friendly too. Included in the kit is an electric kettle, a stainless steel travel mug and lid, a coffee grounds container, a collapsible stainless steel dripper, a ground scooper, and a reusable filter. Whether you’re living the van life or working on the go, the coffee kit is a brilliant way to cut down on the waste created from disposable cups and filters, and makes the perfect sustainable gift for travel lovers.

Shipping: Click here for a full list of countries that Pakt ship to.

Price: $189

Discount: Visit Pakt's website for their latest offers!

Collection of coconut bowls with a smoothie and fruit inside one.
Ultimate Eco Gift Bundle | Photo credit: Coconut Bowls

Eco Gift Bundle by Coconut Bowls

Do you know somebody who lives a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle? Coconut Bowls have some great gifts for sustainable people available on their website, and they’ve launched an Ultimate Eco Gift Bundle that includes many of their top selling products too. Coconut bowls, wooden utensils, and coconut cups - what more could you ask for in a bundle? They also throw in a coconut candle, bamboo straws, a reusable bag, and a cookbook! All orders made on their website are shipped 100% carbon neutral, and 1% of all sales are donated to environmental projects. Personally, I really enjoy making colourful meals and eating them out of coconut bowls. There’s a lot of inspiration online for unique smoothies too which are always fun to make! If you can’t make it to the beach, you might as well pretend you're living your ultimate tropical dream with Coconut Bowls.

Shipping: Coconut Bowls offer worldwide shipping.

Price: $99.95 (Value $214, savings of 54%)

Discount: Click here to check out their latest offers.

A dark blue and black backpack slung over one shoulder.
CITYC Laptop Backpack | Photo credit: DRiiBE

CITYC Laptop Backpack by DRiiBE

There are backpacks, and then there are backpacks that are designed by travellers for travellers. DRiiBE’s CITYC Laptop Backpack was designed in Switzerland and has some fantastic features included in it. I’ve taken it on several road trips in Málaga because of its unique expandable bottom, its handy jacket holder at the front, and its large capacity which is suitable for up to a 15.6” laptop. There’s also a handy pocket on the shoulder strap that gives you easy access to your cards and sunglasses - bonus! What makes DRiiBE such a good sustainable travel brand? They believe in the “+ in 1” philosophy which focuses on the production of products that can have 2 or more functions, reducing the overall production cycles needed and reducing the impact on the environment. Besides their backpacks, they have travel wear for both men and women that can be worn in a number of different ways. There’s plenty of sustainable travel gear on their website to choose from!

Click here to read my latest product review of the DRiiBE CITYC Laptop Backpack!

Shipping: DRiiBE offer worldwide shipping.

Price: €149

Discount: Visit DRiiBE's website for their latest deals.

Man and woman hiking with walking polls wearing base layers.
Base Layers | Photo credit: Bamboo Clothing

Base Layers by Bamboo Clothing

Looking for sustainable travel clothing that fits in with an active lifestyle? Bamboo Clothing has got your back. Their base layers are made from bamboo viscose which is a very soft and comfortable material that’s four times more absorbent than cotton. It helps to keep moisture away from the skin so you don’t feel damp or get cold quickly once you’ve finished exercising. From the bamboo forests to the clothing factories, Bamboo Clothing has expertly chosen producers who share their passion for leaving a positive impact on the planet. I own a few products from Bamboo Clothing and can confirm that their clothing is just as soft and comfortable as they claim. But don’t take my word for it, try it out yourself or grab some base layers for that travel lover in your life!

Shipping: Bamboo Clothing ship everywhere apart from: Russia, Ukraine, North Korea, South Korea, Georgia, Brazil, Taiwan, Romania, India, Hungary, and all of Africa except South Africa.

Price: £39 - £59

Discount: BAMTRAVELLER15 for 15% off all orders.

Pair of blue socks with BAM on the bottom and white stripes along the top.
Bamboo Socks | Photo credit: Bamboo Clothing

Bamboo Socks by Bamboo Clothing

If you’re on the hunt for some sustainable Christmas gifts, it's not really the holiday season without receiving at least one pair of socks. Like all of their products, Bamboo Clothing’s socks are incredibly comfortable to wear and benefit from the moisture managing properties of bamboo, so they stay fresh all day. Their bamboo socks are also reinforced with a looped terry knit on the toe and heel, creating extra cushioning as well as increasing their durability. There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable as you’re exercising or exploring new places, so comfortable socks are a must for any avid traveller! And you can purchase any of Bamboo Clothing’s products safe in the knowledge that they’ve removed all conventional plastic from their packaging.

Shipping: Bamboo Clothing ship everywhere apart from: Russia, Ukraine, North Korea, South Korea, Georgia, Brazil, Taiwan, Romania, India, Hungary, and all of Africa except South Africa.

Price: £12 - £20

Discount: BAMTRAVELLER15 for 15% off all orders.

Cream loafers with a netted design.
Reva Square-Toe Loafers | Photo credit: VIVAIA

Reva Square-Toe Loafers by VIVAIA

While I do enjoy exploring places in trainers, it’s also important to have at least one pair of shoes you can dress up with while you’re travelling, which is where VIVAIA come in. Their Reva Square-Toe Loafers are made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles and Artemisia Argyi, with a carbon-free rubber outsole. Their shoes are packaged with 100% recycled cardboard and are machine washable too. The great thing about these loafers is how breathable and lightweight they are, so they’re very easy to pack in your backpack or suitcase without taking up too much space or weight. They come in two different colours as well so you can match them to practically any outfit with ease. VIVAIA knows a thing or two about sustainable footwear, and their wide selection of shoes make for a great gift for that travel lover in your life (or yourself)!

Shipping: Click here for a full list of countries VIVAIA ship to.

Price: $89

Discount: Krista20 for 20% off all products (cannot be used with any other discount).

Dark grey boots with a black trim.
Ryan Chelsea Boot | Photo credit: VIVAIA

Ryan Chelsea Boot by VIVAIA

Who doesn’t love having a comfortable pair of boots to travel with? The Ryan Chelsea Boot by VIVAIA is perfect for wearing while you’re on the go, with its anti-slip rubber outsoles and eco-friendly deodorizing insole. They’re very soft to touch and comfortable to walk in as well, especially with its square toe so your toes aren’t pinched at the front. The boots are crafted using recycled plastic bottles and ethically sourced wool, and like all of VIVAIA’s products, they’re Vegan friendly! So if you’re still on the hunt for some unique sustainable gifts for someone who loves to travel (and they could do with some new shoes) head over to VIVAIA’s website and check out their amazing eco-friendly footwear!

Shipping: Click here for a full list of countries VIVAIA ship to.

Price: $129

Discount: Krista20 for 20% off all products (cannot be used with any other discount).

A red backpack with a roll top fastener on the back of a man.
Original Backpack 2.0 | Photo credit: YLX Gear

Original Backpack 2.0 by YLX Gear

YLX Gear is a sustainable travel brand that creates affordable and high-quality bags that help to reduce the pollution of the planet. The YLX Original Backpack 2.0 is a great example of their vision, as it uses the equivalent of 48 plastic bottles to make, and the recycled polyester creates less CO2 emissions than production using virgin polyester would. I’ve taken this bag on a few trips near Málaga and loved the amount of space there is inside of it. There are plenty of pockets to hide things away in, including room for up to a 15” laptop, and the pocket at the front is magnetic for easy access. The interior is lined with a special YLX pattern and the top part closes with a zipper, but also folds over and buckles closed for added security making it look very stylish! Their sustainable goals and unique selection of eco-friendly bags makes YLX Gear a great choice for any kind of traveller. Plus, they have many colours to choose from!

Shipping: YLX Gear ship worldwide. Free shipping is available to some EU countries.

Price: €89.95

Discount: EXPLORER20 for 20% off all orders.

Man and woman wearing a black face mask with valves on each side.
Urban Air Mask 2.0 | Photo credit: AIRINUM

Face Masks by AIRINUM

Air containing high levels of pollutants is everywhere, and consequently 40% of Americans breathe unclean air every day, with this number expected to rise. This is why AIRINUM has developed not one but two face masks that offer advanced protection while you’re on the go. AIRINUM’s Lite Air Mask offers lightweight comfort with a 5-layer filter technology that helps to block out pollution and airborne particles. It’s made with a lightweight 3D air mesh material, elastic ear loops so it’s easily adjustable, and comes with replaceable filters.

Like the Lite Air Mask, AIRINUM’s Urban Air Mask 2.0 also blocks out particles and pollution, with the added bonus of changeable valves on either side of the mask. These valves allow C02 filled air to be ventilated outside of the mask, but you can also add a pair of valve stoppers to it so that respiratory droplets don’t escape. I take the Urban Air Mask 2.0 on all of my trips, especially while flying and using public transportation, and I love how breathable it is despite having a machine washable skin and filter. Both of these masks are ideal sustainable travel gifts because the skins are machine washable, and the filters last for up to one month depending on usage.

With more and more people travelling home this holiday season, AIRINUM want to make sure everyone arrives safely at their destination and helps to take action against climate change. Investing in sustainable products such as these reusable air masks are both more environmentally friendly and affordable in the long run. After all, what’s more important than a person’s health?

Shipping: AIRINUM ship worldwide.

Price: Urban Air Mask 2.0 costs £65 & the Lite Air Mask costs £42

Discount: KRISTA20 for 20% off all orders.

A colourful knitted throwing disc flying through the air between two girls.
MayaFlya | Photo credit: Buena Onda Games

Boredom Relief Kit by Buena Onda Games

Boredom can hit hard. That’s why Buena Onda Games has created their Boredom Relief Kit to bring endless fun and games to any household. Know someone who’s living the van life or constantly jetting off abroad? The games included in this kit are very easy to pack and lightweight, meaning you can take the fun on the road too! Buena Onda Games are proud to sell products that are sustainable and handmade by the Maya of Guatemala, so any purchases made helps to support their community. I own a couple of their games and love playing with them while I’m on the beach or having a break while driving around Spain. The Boredom Relief Kit is great because it takes 15% off the total price it would cost to buy each game separately - savings! The kit includes: 1 Indoor MayaFlya, 1 el Grande MayaFlya, 1 YippiYappa, and 1 Ultralight Bocce. You can’t say no to a bit of sustainable fun!

Shipping: Buena Onda Games ship worldwide.

Price: $110

Discount: KRISTA15 for 15% off all orders.

A gold framed watch with a white face and a tan leather strap on a man's wrist.
Classic Gold Watch | Photo credit: Huguenot Horology

Classic Gold by Huguenot Horology

Watches always make for the perfect gift, and whether you’re travelling the world or snuggled up at home, you can never be overdressed. I recently added Huguenot Horology’s Classic Gold watch to my wardrobe and couldn’t be happier with it. It’s inspired by the 1950’s/60’s golden era of watchmaking, with an elegant 14 karat gold plated case, and is waterproof for up to 50 meters, which is very handy while travelling! The quick release mechanism on the strap also makes it very easy to take off and adjust. What makes this watch the perfect sustainable gift for travel lovers is that they take the greenest option possible when designing, manufacturing, and delivering their products. All of their watches, including the Classic Gold, partially include sustainably sourced and reclaimed materials, and their straps use no harsh chemicals in the tanning process of the leather either. Eco-friendly and stylish - what more could you ask for in a watch?

Shipping: Huguenot Horology ship worldwide.

Price: €189

Discount: Visit Huguenot Horology's website for their latest offers.

Pair of grey and beige wrap around shoes.
Women's Howser Wrap | Photo credit: KEEN Footwear

Howser Wrap by Keen Footwear

If you know someone who loves the comfort of being at home and wants to take that feeling on the road with them, KEEN Footwear’s Howser Wrap shoes are the perfect solution. This hybrid comfort shoe is perfect for staying at home in, but its durable rubber outsoles means you can take them outside too. The secure fit and warm fleece lining will leave your feet feeling nice and cozy, which is ideal for camping or going on a road trip with a campervan! There are currently three colours to choose from in the Women’s Howser Wrap style, but they have a few other designs available in their Felt Collection too. This unique eco-friendly shoe is made from recycled wool and recycled PET plastic, and to reduce their carbon footprint, KEEN Footwear have implemented new measures in their shipping procedures that have seen an almost 50% reduction in their ocean-going freight containers. Whether you wear them at home or while you’re travelling, it’s a win-win situation for your feet (and the planet)!

Shipping: KEEN Footwear ship worldwide.

Price: £54.99

Discount: Visit KEEN Footwear’s website for their latest offers.

What could be better than finding some unique travel gifts? Answer: Sustainable travel items that will not only bring a smile to someone’s face but will also make less of an impact on the planet! Hopefully you’ve found something (or a few things) in my list of unique sustainable gifts for travel lovers that have peaked your interest - happy shopping!

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