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The Best Gifts to Give People Who Love to Travel

Updated: Sep 8

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We've all been there at one point or another: stressing at the last minute because we don't know what to buy someone as a present. Whatever time of the year it is, gift-giving can be quite stressful, especially if you're having to buy for multiple people. But it doesn't have to be like that. There are so many unique gifts to give people who love to travel out there, you just need to make your way through the overdone ones first. I personally love coming across travel accessories and travel gear that are unique and take on a new twist from their predecessors. Over the past year or so I've found a number of interesting travel brands which I think have great gift ideas for someone going travelling, and they're all not necessarily "travel gifts for her" either.

Whether you're on the hunt for road trip gifts, gifts for adventure lovers, or simply gifts for travel lovers, I've come up with an incredible list of unique brands and accessories that will be great gifts for people who love to travel. Keep reading to make your next gift-giving experience a simpler one!

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Gifts to Give People Who Love to Travel

The brick lockable toiletry bag against a white background
The Brick | Photo credit: Cartwright

The Brick by Cartwright

First and foremost, when you’re travelling you want to know that what’s most important to you stays nice and safe. This is where The Brick comes in by Cartwright. The two-digit combination drop-lock makes sure that whatever you’re carrying, whether that be your passport, medicines, or jewellery, is secure. I take The Brick with me on all of my travels since it’s easy to use, has the added security you want while you’re travelling, is very easy to wipe down and clean, and has a lot of space inside of it. Basically, if you don’t travel with Cartwright, you’re really missing out! The bag comes wrapped in a beautifully designed box, tied with a ribbon - the perfect gift for anyone who loves to travel (or for yourself). Recently Cartwright has produced and donated over 10 000 KN95 masks to help the front-line healthcare workers in the US - so let’s give them a big round of applause!

Shipping: Cartwright ships worldwide, with free US shipping promotions available.

Price: $88.00 USD

3 Pakt One bags in different colours on a bench in the middle of the city
Pakt One | Photo credit: Pakt

Pakt One by Pakt

If you’re like me, then you probably have too many travel bags to count. But do you have one that “packs like a suitcase, carries like a duffel, and travels like a pro”? I’m going to go out on a whim here and say no. That’s why the Pakt One is the perfect gift for people who love to travel. Since receiving it in the mail earlier this year, I have taken it on numerous trips because it’s so handy to use. The zip allows you to open the duffel and lay it down like you would an ordinary suitcase, and it has multiple compartments to allow for easy organization. There are even front pockets that enable you to grab your passport and toiletries with ease as you make your way through security at the airport. Most duffel bags aren't equipped to safely transport a laptop, but the Pakt One has a padded laptop compartment that you can access either from the inside or from a zip on the top - easy accessibility! Its premium, durable materials make it the perfect travel companion for those road trips or long-haul flights, and best of all you don’t need to let it out of your sight because it’s carry-on approved. Pakt sends all of their products in plastic-free packaging, using earth-friendly materials, so no more unnecessary Styrofoam or plastic bags!

Shipping: Pakt ships to a large number of countries outside of the US, click here for a full list.

Price: $275.00 USD

Discount: $232.00 USD ON SALE NOW

Leadwood and marble ladies Calina watch on a burnt counter top
Calina Women's Watch | Photo credit: Holzkern

Calina Women's Watch & Zócalo Men's Watch by Holzkern

Does your watch make you want to go outdoors and spend more time in nature? Holzkern wants to inspire its customers to do just that with their beautifully crafted wood and stone watches - two materials that have been used by every civilization throughout history. Whether you’re at home or travelling the world, their watches are a constant reminder to take time for yourself and enjoy the natural world around you. You can check out Holzkern’s blog about spending more time in nature for some inspiration. My watch ties back to my home country of Canada so I personally haven’t taken the watch off except to sleep. Holzkern’s watches are a great gift to give to someone who loves to travel!

Koa wood men's Genghis watch by Holzkern sitting among the trees
Zócalo Men's Watch | Photo credit: Holzkern

The Calina Women’s Watch is made of leadwood and marble, and gets its name from the dusty haze that sets over southern Spain, mainly during the summer months. The unique colour combination of the Calina represents a mixture of the mid-day Spanish sun and the grey misty clouds which form the hazy atmosphere. But hey, Holzkern has men's watches too! Their Zócalo Men’s Watch is made from the wood of the Koa tree, and is named after one of the largest city squares in the world - Plaza de la Constitución in Mexico City. The area was also the centre of the Aztec Empire, so the watch serves as a reminder to its wearer to always stay in motion and live in harmony with other human beings. It's a beautiful luxury "travel gift for him". All of Holzkern's watches have interesting stories which inspired their creation, so you'll have no problems finding the perfect match for that person who loves to travel in your life.

Shipping: Holzkern offers worldwide shipping - so no countries are excluded!

Price: Calina €249.00, Zócalo €399.00

Discount: kristmas13 for 13% off all orders (valid until December 24th, 2020).

Living room scene with a couch and 2 Rome travel art prints on the wall by Fox Burrow Designs
Travel Art Prints | Photo credit: Fox Burrow Designs

Travel Art Prints by Fox Burrow Designs

They say the best way to preserve a memory is through pictures. But sometimes, a print-off of a travel photo you’ve taken just isn’t going to cut it when you want to give someone that all important travel related gift. A fantastic alternative to simply printing your own photos is to order a one-of-a-kind piece of travel artwork. Fox Burrow Designs is the best place to go for travel art prints, and with such a wide variety of cities and landmarks across the globe to choose from, you really can’t go wrong. I have my own Iceland travel print nicely framed in my bedroom, as a reminder of one of my all-time favourite trips. Fox Burrow Designs also has prints dedicated to popular movies, TV shows, and books which are beautifully designed too. They also use completely sustainable packaging, right down to their stickers. A travel art print is probably one of the best gifts you can give to someone who loves to travel, and you’ll be giving them a gift that holds a special place in their hearts. I'm sure you'll be grabbing one for yourself at checkout time - and I don't blame you!

Shipping: Fox Burrow Designs is based in the US and ships worldwide.

Price: Starting at $13.99

Discount: Travel20 for 20% off all orders.

Small chilli oil bottle with chilli peppers behind it on a table
Chilli Oil | Photo credit: Banhoek Chilli Oil

Banhoek Chilli Oil

Missing the taste of South Africa? Or maybe, like me, you haven’t had a chance to visit this beautiful part of the world yet. With Banhoek Chilli Oil you can bring the tasty heat of South Africa right to your plate, without having to step outside your door! This handcrafted, premium, all natural chilli oil comes from the Cape in South Africa, and is both halal and vegan certified. They use a high-quality, non-GMO rapeseed oil and gently infuse it with hand crushed Bird’s Eye chilis to produce the perfect balance of heat and flavour. I personally use a small amount to drizzle on my pizza, or to add a bit of extra kick to a stir-fry. There are tonnes of recipes available on their website to choose from as well. Banhoek Chilli Oil is a “Great Taste 2019 Award Winner”, and when purchasing from them they give you the option of receiving their bottles wrapped in a beautifully presented paper as well.

Shipping: Banhoek Chilli Oil is available in the UK through Amazon or thefoodmarket.com. You can also see a list of stockists on their website for local pickup.

Price: £8.50 unwrapped or £9.50 wrapped

Pink toiletry bag sitting on a towel with beauty products around it from Rareform
Vienna Toiletry Bag | Photo credit: Rareform

Vienna Toiletry Bag by Rareform

If you’re looking to add a bit of colour to your travel accessories, or think someone else needs some colour in their life, then you need to check out Rareform and their Vienna Toiletry Bag. Toiletry bags are essential for every traveller, and this one comes with no exceptions. The bag’s hanging feature and zip-around enclosure means that all of your essential toiletries are easily accessible and perfectly organized. The Vienna Toiletry Bag comes in a variety of different colours as well, and each design is one-of-a-kind made from repurposed billboard vinyl, hand-cut in California. Now you can give the perfect recycled gift to whoever you know that loves to travel (and help the planet at the same time).

Shipping: Rareform ships to all countries, and shipping fees are calculated at checkout.

Price: $48.00 USD

Discount: explorer15 for 15% off all orders.

Purple WeeBox sitting among Christmas decorations
WeeBox | Photo credit: WeeBox


Whether you’ve been to Scotland and fallen in love with the country, or are dreaming of visiting it one day, you can now get a little piece of Scotland sent directly to your home. WeeBox sends out gorgeous monthly subscription boxes with a minimum of 5 exclusive gifts inside that you can’t buy outside of Scotland, many of which come from small, local Scottish businesses. The theme changes each month, which means every time you open up your subscription box you’ll be happily surprised. For example, November marks their “Traditional Scottish Christmas” WeeBox, and December is their “Scottish Winter Festivals” WeeBox. It’s a fantastic gift to give someone who loves to travel, especially if they’re unable to hop on a plane right now. You can also add a personalized card inside the box with a special message, which they provide as a complimentary service. My first ever WeeBox was based on a famous artist from Glasgow, and included one of my favourite things about Scotland - shortbread. You never know what you’re going to get inside your monthly WeeBox!

Shipping: WeeBox ships worldwide - no country is off limits! Due to current global shipping delays, WeeBox gives you the option of printing a beautiful card from their website to pop into your loved ones Christmas card, to let them know that their WeeBox is on its way.

Price: Starting at £35.00 for one month. Click here to see more subscription options and prices.

USA push pin travel map on the wall of a living room decorated in pink and blue from Pin Adventure Map
USA Push Pin Map | Photo credit: Pin Adventure Map

Push Pin Map by Pin Adventure Map

I think every person who loves to travel has bought at least one scratch map to keep track of the countries they’ve visited. But now it’s time for an upgrade - the push pin map. I came across Pin Adventure Map a while ago, and fell in love with their beautifully designed World Push Pin Travel Map on Canvas. They have a lot of different styles and colours to choose from, and you have the option of a world, European, or USA map to stick some pins in. The designers work closely with a cartographer, using GIS technologies, so that the content is up to date and of the highest quality. It’s a great travel gift for kids too, so you can start planning your upcoming trip, educate them about new places, and get them excited to travel! Pin Adventure Map are also part of 1% For the Planet, meaning that they donate 1% of their yearl