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LEVEL8 Luggage Review: Which Carry-On Is Best For Travelling?

Updated: Apr 30

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission from the discount codes used or when a link/ad is clicked. All purchases made will come at no extra cost to you, and I only include products and services that I have personally used and would recommend.

What’s one thing that every traveller needs on hand? A sturdy carry-on suitcase. I will admit that sometimes I travel with just a backpack but not very often. For me it’s very important to have a suitcase that I know will have enough space to store all of my clothes and essentials for the duration of the trip and keep my more delicate gear such as my laptop, drone, and camera safe. I’ve been using LEVEL8 for many years so I’m really excited to share with you my latest LEVEL8 luggage review featuring 3 must-have carry-ons that will help enhance your travel experience.

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LEVEL8 Luggage Review

LEVEL8 carry-on suitcases lined up against brick building.
LEVEL8 carry-on suitcases

Who is LEVEL8 and where are they based?

LEVEL8 is a premium US-based hardshell luggage brand born in 2008 with the aim of providing travellers with a comfortable way of travelling. They also sell backpacks and accessories although they are most well known for their premium luggage which is available in both carry-on and check-in sizes.

Key features shared among LEVEL8 carry-ons

LEVEL8 has manufactured a number of unique types of carry-on luggage, each with their own features and appearance. All of the LEVEL8 carry-ons that will be looked at below feature a TSA-approved locking system, 360° spinner wheels for easy movement, and 2 large compartments that aren’t hindered by the exterior design of the suitcase. They’re also built with a German-made Makrolon® polycarbonate hard shell for peace of mind while travelling.

All of their luggage comes with a handy dust bag which is great if you’re planning on storing your luggage in the basement or garage where a lot of dust can accumulate over time.

Where do LEVEL8 ship to?

LEVEL8 is based in the US and has recently started shipping worldwide. Locations such as the mainland US, Canada, UK, and Europe receive free shipping but other parts of the world such as Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East are subject to different shipping rates based on the purchase amount. Please check their shipping page for more details.

LEVEL8 Carry-Ons Ideal For Travelling

Every traveller needs a carry-on that they can rely upon and LEVEL8 definitely knows a thing or two about providing exceptional hardshell carry-ons for their customers. Here’s a look at three LEVEL8 carry-ons that are suitable for both local and long distance travels.

Voyageur Carry-On 20''

Light green and blue suitcase in front of blue door.
Voyageur Carry-On 20''

The Voyageur Collection is LEVEL8’s latest release and it's one of the largest carry-ons that they have available. It comes in four colour variations but for something that looks a little different I went with the Celadon version that features a split of colour on the front and back. The Voyageur Carry-On 20” came as a result of customer’s wanting more space inside the suitcase itself - hence the unique wide handle it features that also makes it easier to control.

Close up of built-in locking system on LEVEL8 suitcase.
Voyageur Carry-On 20''

As with all of their luggage, this carry-on features a TSA-approved lock that you can set to any three numbers you prefer. The locking system sits at the top of the carry-on rather than along the side which I find makes it easier to use compared to other models. The design of the lock also means that it’s easy to reset your passcode at any time so you won’t be locked out of your suitcase when you need it the most.

Close up of black wheels on light teal suitcase.
Voyageur Carry-On 20''

One of my favourite features of all of the LEVEL8 luggage are the 360° quiet spinner wheels that glide along any surface with ease. With some suitcases I’ve found that the wheels will begin to wear down quite quickly if they’re being used a lot but the spinner wheels on the LEVEL8 suitcases have never let me down. They’re so smooth, in fact, that you may find your suitcase rolling away from you if you place it on a slanted surface - so be careful!

Back of carry on suitcase with handle raised.
Voyageur Carry-On 20''

One feature that I wanted to point out which may be overlooked is the oblong stubs that can be found on the rear and side of the carry-on. These are designed to ensure the suitcase doesn’t get scratched when you lay it down or when you place it on a weighing scale. It’s always sad to see any new suitcase get marks on it so this is a great idea that I think more brands should implement into their designs.

Inside of carry on suitcase with compartments for storage.
Voyageur Carry-On 20''

Now let’s look at the interior. The Voyageur Carry-On 20” has a 43L capacity and weighs just 3.7kg. It measures 15.1''L x 9.8''W x 21.3”H making it one of the largest carry-ons I’ve ever had the pleasure of travelling with. The carry-on features two large compartments with dual zipper pockets and a wet-dry pocket to keep items such as swim gear separate from other clothes. I tend to pack a lot into a carry-on suitcase so I really appreciated having both compartments fitted with a zipper closure system rather than a strap (which isn’t always practical).

The only downside to this LEVEL8 carry-on is that there is no laptop compartment on the front which I use a lot with my other suitcases but it more than makes up for that with the additional space allotted inside the case.

Luminous Textured Collection 20''

Navy blue carry on suitcase with black wheels.
Luminous Textured Collection 20''

The Luminous Textured Collection features a 20” carry-on as well as two check-in suitcases of different sizes. The carry-on is one of their most popular styles thanks to its special diamond texture that not only looks great but also helps to prevent scratches. This carry-on is designed for 2-4 day trips but if you pack light you can easily use it for up to a week of travelling.

Close up of locking system on top of carry on suitcase.
Luminous Textured Collection 20''

The TSA-approved lock can be found on the top of this carry-on and is very easy to use. It features a 3 digit passcode that can be set up as soon as you unbox it and it can be altered at any time. You don’t have to use the lock but I would recommend it since the zippers crash into one another while the suitcase is being wheeled and the noise can be a bit annoying. You can of course click the zippers into the lock without actually locking it if you want to have quicker access to the interior.

The handle for this LEVEL8 carry-on sits in the traditional centred position and has a couple of different height positions that you can choose from. There’s another small handle next to it that expands slightly when you want to lift the suitcase up.

Black handle on side of navy carry on suitcase.
Luminous Textured Collection 20''

The side handle is another prominent feature of the Luminous Textured Carry-On 20” that will also expand slightly when it’s being used so that you feel more comfortable lifting the suitcase. As with all LEVEL8 suitcases, this carry-on comes with 4 durable 360° spinner wheels that are very quiet and absorb some of the shock when they’re rolling.

Side angle of navy carry on suitcase sitting on bed.
Luminous Textured Collection 20''

The textured design of this carry-on gives it a more elegant appearance than other suitcases and it also makes it less likely to scratch and get fingerprints on. Along one of the sides of the carry-on are four small raised stubs that are designed to hold the suitcase off of the ground when it’s being placed on its side for weighing. I’d also like to point out that the carry-on is made of a premium waterproof material so you can use it rain or shine without worrying about the contents inside becoming wet.

Interior of carry on suitcase with separate packing compartments.
Luminous Textured Collection 20''

The capacity of the Luminous Textured Carry-On is 40L, weighing just 3.5kg and measuring 14.5''L x 9.2''W x 21.5H. It’s extremely lightweight which is great for travelling on the plane, and I found the interior to be very spacious overall. Unlike the Voyageur Carry-On 20”, this carry-on is hindered slightly with the handle taking up some space in the middle of the suitcase but it doesn’t take up as much room as other brands that I’ve come across.

The interior is fully lined and both compartments are closed using a zipper that helps to compress the items inside. Two additional zipper pockets can be found on one side of the carry-on. Although there isn’t a wet-dry compartment I do like that the compartments that are available have a mesh design which makes them breathable. There aren’t too many extra features with this suitcase but if you want an elegant looking carry-on with plenty of storage space then the Luminous Textured Carry-On is a great option.

Road Runner Carry-On 20''

Black carry on suitcase sitting on wooden luggage stand.
Road Runner Carry-On 20''

For me, the Road Runner Carry-On 20” is the perfect choice for business travellers or bloggers that travel with their laptop and need a safe place to store it. The durable aerospace-grade Makrolon® polycarbonate hardshell is water-resistant and there is plenty of space inside to store clothes or other work gear. It’s currently only available in three colours (blue, black, and grey) and these colours all add a touch of sophistication to the carry-on.

Black carry on suitcase standing next to door.
Road Runner Carry-On 20''

This LEVEL8 carry-on is built to last with an incredibly durable outer shell, 360°spinner wheels that are designed to be ultra-quiet and long-lasting, and a comfortable handle that easily allows you to steer the carry-on using different heights. The front of the suitcase is also visually appealing with textured lines running across it.

Dual locking system on top of black carry on suitcase.
Road Runner Carry-On 20''

What we haven’t seen yet in this LEVEL8 luggage review is a carry-on that features a laptop compartment. This will be looked at in more detail below but I wanted to point out that this carry-on design has incorporated a dual TSA-approved locking system into it where both the main compartment and the laptop compartment can be securely locked using the same code. You have the option of opening just one of these locks or both at the same time but I did find that the numbers are a bit stiffer to move than the other two carry-ons mentioned above which may be tricky for people who can’t grip well.

Laptop compartment on front of hard shell suitcase.
Road Runner Carry-On 20''

The laptop compartment is my favourite feature of this LEVEL8 carry-on. It can fit up to a 17” laptop and a 10.9” tablet at the same time, with 2 smaller pockets featured on the opposite side of the compartment. The devices are secured using a velcro fastener too so they won’t move around. The hardshell outer material is water resistant meaning you don’t need to worry too much about your case getting wet during transportation and the compartment fully opens if necessary so that you have complete and easy access to everything inside.

Open suitcase with compartments and strap for holding items in place.
Road Runner Carry-On 20''

The interior also reflects that this carry-on is designed with business travellers in mind. It sits at the smaller end of things in terms of capacity at just 38L which is probably down to the laptop compartment, and weighs 4.3kg. The dimensions sit at 14.4''L x 10.1''W x 21.5''H but you will still be able to fit quite a lot of clothes inside. There are two main compartments with one having a large zipper enclosure with additional zippered pockets integrated into it for additional storage.

Strap used inside suitcase to hold clothes in place.
Road Runner Carry-On 20''

What I wanted to point out with the storage system is the X-strap compression found on one side of the carry-on’s interior. While I do normally prefer to have both compartments secured using a zippered enclosure system this strap does a very good job of holding in larger items such as sweaters and jackets. I would recommend putting smaller items that may move around in the other section just so everything stays neat and tidy.

When purchasing suitcases, you may want to customize luggage tags so that they have their own ID cards. This is a great time to show your uniqueness. By designing your own Luggage Tags you not only make your luggage stand out but you also decorate your luggage to a certain extent. This can be really helpful in an airport when a lot of the suitcases look the same!


Three different colours of carry-on suitcases lined up against brick wall.
LEVEL8 Carry-On Suitcases

So, which of these LEVEL8 carry-ons is the best option for travelling? In all honesty I would happily use any of the three suitcases looked at in this LEVEL8 luggage review for my trips. For more capacity I would use the Voyageur Carry-On 20” which I also love the colour combination of. For a quick trip to the city where I’m not taking too much photography gear with me I would use the Luminous Textured Collection 20''. And the Road Runner Carry-On 20'' would come into play if I was travelling with my laptop and other electronics since there are more specific compartments to store them in.

Remember to use the code kristatheexplorer10 for an exclusive 10% off your order!

All three of these LEVEL8 carry-ons are designed with ease of travel in mind so you really can’t go wrong with whichever one you choose. If you have any questions about LEVEL8 luggage please feel free to get in touch via email or Instagram and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.



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