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Treat Yourself to Dublin's Secret Food Tour

Any excuse to eat food and I'm there. Especially when I'm travelling! The food scene in Dublin is growing at a rapid rate, with a lot of traditional dishes getting a more modern twist placed on them. Sometimes it's hard to tell where's best to eat, or even what kind of food you should try. That's why Dublin's Secret Food Tour is the only walking tour you need to go on! You get to stop at a number of different locations, and sample some of the best food Dublin has to offer. You can even upgrade to a drink package (if you haven't had enough to drink yet). Now, it is a secret tour. Meaning you don't know where you're going until you get there! Yes, I have posted photos of SOME of the food, but you have options to choose from on the day, so I'm not spoiling anything for you I promise. I honestly never know what walking tour to go on when I'm travelling, so I usually end up not doing one. This is a great version of one though, and they are worldwide which is ideal! From now on, whatever city I visit I'm going to check if Secret Food Tours are there! Check out some of my photos from the tour below!

What better way to explore the streets of Dublin?

Mhm, fresh bread.

First time trying out white pudding! I'm not a fan of black pudding, so I thought this would be similar. I was pleasantly surprised though, and it goes well with the potato cake.

This spot was really cool! I sampled some food I normally wouldn't even go near, and didn't hate it!

Beef and Guinness pie. Because I obviously didn't get my fill of Guinness at the storehouse.

Whiskey is easy to come by in Ireland, but this experience was very unique!

Isn't the city beautiful?

I promise you'll scream for this ice cream. I'm an ice cream lover, so this stop was ideal for me and I'll definitely be stopping by next time I'm in the city.

Cheeky little shot of one of the stops, but I'm not telling you where it was!

Interested in booking in on this fantastic tour? Click here!


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