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Places To Visit During a Day Trip To Gozo, Malta

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission from the discount codes used or when a link/ad is clicked. All purchases made will come at no extra cost to you, and I only include products and services that I have personally used and would recommend.

For many people visiting Malta planning a day trip to Gozo is at the top end of their itinerary. This beautiful Maltese island is significantly more rural than the mainland which is why so many people have a holiday home here or choose to visit for a few relaxing hours. Spending one day on Gozo couldn’t be easier thanks to the quick ferry service from the tip of Malta that takes no more than 25 minutes. Visitors can also opt for the new quick ferry service directly from Valletta which takes around 45 minutes.

No two attractions on Gozo are more than half an hour from each other. I would highly recommend renting a car in Malta even if it’s just for the day so that you can easily explore all areas of the island. There are of course plenty of bus services available, including City Sightseeing Gozo, that you can take advantage of if you’re not comfortable driving.

Gozo’s history dates back as far as 5000 BC so you can expect to find quite a lot of history on all corners of the island. Gozo is also heavily tied to Greek mythology as the island is said to be the famous island of Ogygia where Calypso holds Odysseus captive for several years. You can even visit her cave which was sadly closed when we visited Gozo. Nevertheless there are still plenty of incredible places to visit during a day trip to Gozo and some fantastic places to eat too.

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Places To Visit During a Day Trip To Gozo

Is Gozo worth visiting? Absolutely! Whether you plan on taking a Gozo jeep tour, have your own rental car, or plan to explore the island on foot there are a lot of beautiful attractions to visit. I would recommend getting the ferry to Gozo as early as possible so you have the full day ahead of you. If you’re driving to the island the ferry is paid upon your return to Malta and you’ll pay an additional fee per passenger. Here are a few places to visit during a day trip to Gozo.


An historic windmill in the centre of a village on Gozo.
Ta’ Kola Windmill

During your trip to Gozo you can’t miss the opportunity to visit Xaghra. This small town is home to a few key attractions on Gozo and has some nice restaurants near the Xaghra Parish Church to choose from. One of the top things to do on Gozo is to visit the megalithic Ġgantija Temples which were built earlier than Stonehenge and are among the oldest monuments in the world. Nearby you’ll also find the Ta’ Kola Windmill and Xerri’s Grotto which are both interesting to visit.

The Discover Gozo pass includes entry to the temples and windmill as well as the museums inside the cittadella for just €13.00.

Ramla Bay

A red sand beach with waves in the water on Gozo.
Ramla Beach

Among all the bays on Gozo to visit, Ramla Bay is one of the most popular with both locals and tourists. The bay is home to the famous red sand Ramla Beach which is considerably longer than other beaches on Gozo. This beach will get very busy in the summer so arrive early to snag one of the few parking spaces here. While you’re in the area you can also visit the Tal-Mixta Cave for a unique view of the bay as well as Calypso Cave.

Xwejni Bay

Large sandstone formation along the water on Gozo.
Xwejni Bay

Xwejni Bay is a beautiful spot along the northern part of Gozo, especially around sunset. The bay is famous for its salt pans which have been harvested here since ancient times. A large portion of the coastline is lined with these salt pans which you’re free to walk among as long as you’re respectful. There’s also a very unique rock formation here which you can get the perfect view of from the salt pans. If you’re already visiting Ramla Bay during your day on Gozo, this area is a short 15 minute drive away.


Street declining from the citadel to centre of Victoria.
Street leading up to citadel

One of the top places to visit on Gozo during a day trip is Victoria. This town is the unofficial capital of Gozo and is where the famous cittadella is located. The town itself isn’t very big so if you’re pressed for time you can spend a few hours here and see most of it. I would recommend spending most of your time in Victoria exploring the citadel which is free to enter minus the various museums inside. Victoria is where you’ll find a large majority of Gozo’s restaurants too.

Xlendi Bay

Tall white cliffs with blue water below on Gozo.
Xlendi Bay

Xlendi Bay is a popular tourist destination on Gozo, particularly for divers and swimmers. The fishing village here has a number of restaurants to dine at and the very small beach within the bay is ideal for people of all ages. If you enjoy hiking there is a relatively easy trail leading up to Xlendi Tower where you can take in the views of the impressive cliffs and the beautiful blue water below. There are plenty of free parking spaces in Xlendi but you may have to drive around for a bit during peak season to find a vacant one.

Ta' Pinu

A large sandstone shrine in the centre of a green field.
Ta' Pinu

The western part of the island is full of unique places to visit. One of these is the Ta’ Pinu National Shrine which was built on the site of a miracle and is often visited by the pope. The shrine is more impressive on the outside than the inside, so don’t worry if you only have time for a brief photo. Entry to Ta’ Pinu is free but appropriate attire is required or else you’ll be asked to wear a covering.

Dwejra Bay

A large rock in the sea separated from the cliffs on Gozo.
Fungus Rock

Many day trips to Gozo revolve around Dwejra Bay. This impressive coastal location is home to various attractions including the Azure Window that sadly collapsed in recent years which was a known Game of Thrones filming location on Gozo. The famous Blue Hole is also located here as is Dwejra Tower, Fungus Rock, and the Inland Sea. Sadly the water was very rough when we visited so we couldn’t enjoy swimming in the Blue Hole but hopefully you’ll have better luck.


View of the island of Comino with Gozo in the background.

Planning a Gozo and Comino day trip is doable if you only have time to see both in one day. There are plenty of Gozo tours that will drop you off on the island of Comino for a short period of time so you can check out the Blue Lagoon. Other than the Blue Lagoon there isn’t a lot to see here but it’s a nice island to hike around. The Blue Lagoon gets incredibly busy after 09:30 so get to Comino as early as possible if you want to enjoy this very small beach area without the crowds.

Where To Eat On Gozo

Wondering where to eat on Gozo? The island may be small but it’s home to a lot of beautiful locally run eateries serving up some delicious dishes. If you’re planning a busy day trip to Gozo then it may be worth grabbing some food on the go during the day. You can either food shop or you can opt for one of the many food trucks on Gozo that are popular with the locals.

Bunna Café

Fresh vegetarian sandwich served on Maltese flatbread.

If you’re starting your day in Victoria then a great option for a quick and cheap breakfast is Bunna Café. They’re located along one of the main streets of the town, close to the citadel, and have a very nice selection of sandwiches available. This is also a nice place for a quick coffee or a freshly squeezed orange juice.

Crunch N' Munch

Selection of meat sandwiches with a side of mac n' cheese.
Crunch N' Munch

Crunch N’ Munch was one of our favourite places to eat on Gozo. This relatively new food truck is ideal if you’re visiting Gozo on a budget but still want a good quality meal. Their most popular dishes are their smoked meat sandwiches which are insanely good and when paired with a side of mac n’ cheese you really can’t go wrong. Make sure you upgrade your sandwich to the ftira bread for a traditional Maltese lunch and you’ll be full until the end of your day trip to Gozo.

Al Sale Restaurant

Large bowl of pasta with burrata on top.
Al Sale Restaurant

Located in Xaghra, Al Sale Restaurant is a popular restaurant on Gozo with a stunning view of the parish church from its balcony. We dined here in the evening and had a delicious three course meal. Their menu is based around Mediterranean cuisine and there are some unique options to choose from such as sea bass baked in a salt crust and Tagliolini Pistachio & Burrata.

Whatever dish you choose from Al Sale Restaurant is sure to impress you, and as the restaurant isn’t far from the ferry terminal it may be the perfect place to eat before heading back to Malta.

Maldonado Bistro

Large pan fried fish served on bed of fennel.
Maldonado Bistro

One of the best restaurants on Gozo is Maldonado Bistro who serve a delicious menu based around modern Mediterranean cuisine. As much of their menu as possible is locally sourced so everything is incredibly tasty and fresh. Mediterranean cuisine is largely seafood oriented but dishes such as their black truffle agnolotti are perfect for vegetarians. The restaurant is set in the basement of an historic building too so you really get the full Maltese experience dining here.

Planning a day trip to Gozo doesn’t have to be complicated, but if this is your first time visiting this Maltese island then you may have to be selective about what attractions on Gozo to visit. If you arrive early in the morning though it’s very possible to travel to all corners of Gozo with a rental vehicle. Spending 2 days on Gozo or more may be the best option if you want to fully explore the island, and there are some beautiful places to stay on Gozo to choose from.

Hopefully this little guide covering places to visit during a day trip to Gozo will help you plan your trip here. If you have any questions about Gozo please get in touch either through Instagram or by leaving me a comment below!


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