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Delicious Restaurants On Gozo You Need To Try

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission from the discount codes used or when a link/ad is clicked. All purchases made will come at no extra cost to you, and I only include products and services that I have personally used and would recommend.

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself while travelling is: Where should I eat? Luckily you won’t have a problem finding places to eat on Gozo because this small island has its fair share of fantastic restaurants, cafes, and food trucks that cater to all types of dietary requirements. And the great thing about the restaurants on Gozo is that the majority of them focus their dishes around fresh and local produce so their menus change with the seasons.

We spent a week trying to find the best restaurants on Gozo. Even though we visited in March when some of the island’s restaurants were closed, we still managed to find some tasty eateries that were a mixture of Mediterranean-based cuisines, takeaways, and cozy breakfast spots on Gozo. Many of the places we ate at were in close proximity to some of the main attractions on Gozo too which was an added bonus.

Maldonado Bistro (Victoria)

Pasta topped with mushrooms in truffle oil.
Black Truffle Agnolotti

One of the best places to eat on Gozo is tucked down a back street in Victoria. Maldonado Bistro offers guests a modern menu based around Mediterranean cuisine and is set within a beautiful historic building. If the black truffle agnolotti is still on the menu when you visit this fantastic restaurant on Gozo make sure you order it - the flavours are incredible. You can also try your hand at Maldonado Bistro’s cooking classes or their wine tasting experience which both come highly recommended.

Casa Vostra (Victoria)

A large stone baked pizza topped with pepperoni and basil.

Looking for the best pizza on Gozo? You’ll find it (and more) at Casa Vostra in the heart of Victoria. Their freshly prepared stone baked pizzas are sure to impress even the most die hard pizza eaters out there. They have a good mixture of traditional pizzas and some new versions you may not have come across before. But don’t just stop at the pizzas. Their starters and desserts are also worth indulging in - and don’t forget about their unique cocktail concoctions!

Noble Café Bistro (Victoria)

Pulled pork burger served with fries in a wooden crate.
Pulled Pork Burger

Good restaurants on Gozo aren’t hard to come by, but if you want to try some of the island’s best burgers then you can’t go wrong with a trip to Noble Café Bistro. This is a great option for lunch if you’re spending the day exploring Victoria and the menu is quite big so you should have no problems finding something everyone likes. When we visited there was even a burger served Mexican style with a shot of tequila on the side! If you’re feeling especially hungry I would recommend ordering one of their sharing platters too.

Preti Café (Victoria)

Toast topped with scrambled eggs, avocado, and bacon.
Avocado Heaven Toast

Unless you’ve decided to stay at a rental apartment on Gozo then you’ll most likely be in search of somewhere nice to eat for breakfast. Preti Café is the perfect option for breakfast or brunch and is located in St George’s Square in Victoria. We visited later in the morning so the sun was still shining on the square while we enjoyed our breakfast outdoors. The food is presented beautifully and tastes incredible with only fresh ingredients used. The Avocado Heaven Toast or Preti’s Toast are both great ways to start the day!

Oakberry (Victoria)

Two açai bowls layered in cups and topped with fresh fruit.
Açai bowls of different sizes

If you’re on the hunt for something refreshing and healthy to eat on Gozo you’ll definitely want to visit Oakberry. This popular Brazilian chain only serves açai bowls and you can either opt to build your own or choose one off of the menu. It’s a nice option on a hot day especially with the fresh fruit placed on top. This was actually some of the best food on Gozo that we had so we’ll be on the lookout for more of their chains while we’re travelling.

Karamelli Brunch Café (Victoria)

View of eggs benedict and large chicken sandwich from above table.
Eggs Benedict and chicken sandwich

A popular brunch spot on Gozo is Karamelli Brunch Café which can be found on one of the main streets in Victoria’s town centre. You’ll find a lot of traditional breakfast and brunch options here but they also have a few unique choices such as the enormous ftira sandwiches. We actually had to take ours away with us because it was so big. They also have a nice selection of cakes if you’re looking for somewhere for a quick snack.

Otters Bistro & Lounge (Marsalforn Bay)

Table next to water with king prawns and bruschetta for starters.
King prawns and bruschetta different ways

There’s only one restaurant in Marsalforn Bay that you should eat at and it’s Otters Bistro & Lounge. Even if you only have a day in Gozo to spare you should make the trip to this part of the island because this restaurant offers a stunning view of the bay while you eat. Their menu is heavily seafood based but there are plenty of other options based around local cuisine as well. If you like pasta make sure you try the mushroom agnolotti and the king prawns are pretty tasty too as a starter.

Crunch N' Munch (near Victoria)

Two meat sandwiches and a side of macaroni cheese outside.
Sandwiches and macaroni cheese

If you like street food then Crunch N’ Munch may just be for you. Although not technically a restaurant on Gozo, this relatively new food truck is making big waves on the island and is already a hit with the locals. Their best sellers are the smoked meat sandwiches which are bursting with flavour and even better if you upgrade them to the traditional Maltese bread called ftira. But make sure you don’t leave without a side order of their mac n’ cheese to share.

Al Sale Restaurant (Xaghra)

Three scallops in shell topped with toasted gratin.
Scallops au Gratin

Restaurants on Gozo with a view don’t come much better than Al Sale Restaurant. It may not be a sea view but the view of the town’s church from the balcony table is phenomenal. This is by far the best restaurant in Xaghra and is worth a day trip to Gozo to dine at. It’s another restaurant with a Mediterranean-based menu but they put their own modern twist on classic dishes that you won’t find anywhere else. If you end up ordering one of their pasta dishes make sure you arrive on an empty stomach!

Hopefully my short (but useful) list of the top restaurants on Gozo will help you decide where to eat when you visit this beautiful Maltese island. There will of course be more options available to you if you visit in the summer season but there are still plenty of places to eat on Gozo open year round too. The island is only 8 miles long but you’ll find some fantastic dining experiences here that you won’t soon forget.

If you have any questions about the restaurants on Gozo that we visited or if you have any other recommendations I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave a comment below, get in touch via email, or reach out through Instagram where you can follow along with my future travels as well.


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