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Lumley Castle: The Best Medieval Castle Hotel in England

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

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For me, I don't think there could be anything more exciting in terms of accommodation, than staying inside a 14th century castle. Especially one that still emanates an original medieval feel in its hallways and rooms. Staying at Lumley Castle is an unbelievable experience, even if you aren't a history geek like me. It's one of the best castle hotels you can stay at in England.There are several styles of rooms to choose from throughout the courtyard and castle itself. We stayed in a castle feature room, which was like taking a step back in time. The decor was phenomenal, as were the amenities in the room. There's a very unique restaurant in the castle called the Black Knight Restaurant, which is very popular and stays with the medieval theme. We had breakfast in the restaurant, where you can choose between a continental or hot breakfast. There's lots to choose from so you won't be disappointed! The castle is located about 25 minutes drive from Sunderland and Newcastle, so is in an ideal location to explore the area. Would you rather stay in a standard hotel, or an actual castle with centuries of history behind it? Is that even a serious question? Check out my photos from our stay below:

Lumley Castle Hotel

Exterior of lumley castle hotel in northern england
Lumley Castle

Safe to say as I was driving up the long driveway to Lumley Castle and this came into sight, I was extremely excited!

Inner courtyard parking area at lumley castle hotel northern england
Inner courtyard

There are different types of rooms you can book through their website, in both the courtyard and the castle itself. The courtyard rooms look like individual cozy cottages, and were originally used as the stables.

Hallway inside lumley castle hotel northern england

The inside of Lumley Castle is stunning, with its medieval style hallways and decor still very prominent. There's supposed to be the ghost of a woman that was thrown down a well for refusing to become Catholic roaming the castle, but luckily we didn't come across her. Or maybe we did and didn't notice! Just a bit of fun Lumley castle history for you. There's also an escape room inside the castle if you want to give that a go.

The black knight restaurant at breakfast time inside lumley castle hotel northern england
The Black Knight Restaurant

The Black Knight Restaurant is a must try in the castle. We had breakfast here, but they also serve dinner which you should book in advance as it fills up very quickly. Even people not staying overnight in the castle book into this restaurant. There is also the option of partaking in the Lumley Castle medieval banquet, which costs £36.50 for five courses and drinks served in goblets.

Red carpeted stairs leading up to the room inside lumley castle hotel northern england

Our feature room was located on the top floor, which meant a lot of stairs but the whole experience is so unique, you just need to embrace it! If you struggle with stairs, make sure you confirm that your room is on the ground floor, because there are no elevators here.

View of the inner courtyard and gardens from the top floor of lumley castle hotel northern england
Inner courtyard view

There was a charming courtyard to sit out in as well if you fancied grabbing a drink from the library bar. There was a wedding party here when we stayed, so much of this area was being used for the festivities.

Red velvet double bed lumley castle hotel northern england

Is this a bed made for the nobility? Pretty much. The four poster bed even had a rope hanging from the middle of it that switched on the lights. Just one of the many perks of staying in a medieval hotel.

Bathroom inside bedroom in lumley castle hotel northern england

Bathrooms are usually not too different from one another. But this one was hidden behind a wardrobe. Yes, like Narnia! The toilet was in a separate room next to it. The whole concept was very fun and I loved it. All of the rooms in Lumley castle have unique features, you just have to find them.

Bathtub and shower in the hotel room lumley castle hotel northern england
Bathtub and shower

What's behind the curtain? The bath and shower of course, because you're in a castle, so why not have it at the top of some steps? A bath made for a queen (or king). I don't know about other castle hotels in the UK, but this one really did make you feel like royalty.

Bathtub with towels inside lumley castle hotel northern england

Bubble bath anyone? There are bathrobes on hand, so take some time to relax and enjoy. There is soap and shampoo available for you to use as well, so don't worry about bringing your own with you.

Full view of the bedroom inside lumley castle hotel northern england

Imagine opening your door and seeing this! I was so excited! There was also a seating area in the windowsill, so you could look out over the countryside. A television, writing desk, and a kettle were also provided in the room. WiFi was available for free as well.

Our stay at Lumley Castle was one of the best hotel experiences I've ever had. I've always wanted to stay overnight in a castle, so now I can check that off my bucket list. There is a lot to see in the castle and the surrounding grounds, so it's a great place to relax at for a night or two. It's one of the best castle hotels in England, and the whole of the UK too, so any stay here is destined to be a memorable one.

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If you're thinking of heading a bit more north over the border to Scotland, don't forget to go on the castle trail there. And if you're not sure where to go, I'd recommend St Andrews and staying at Rufflets Hotel for your perfect Scottish getaway. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel photos!

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