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5 Fun Activities in Jerusalem To Try

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

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As you can imagine, there are plenty of places to visit in Jerusalem of historical interest, including Temple Mount, the Holy Sepulchre, and the Western Wall. Beyond these points of interest though, this ancient city is home to world-class cuisine, a fantastic culture, plenty of unique museums, and a lot of fun activities that are suitable for all age groups. You don’t necessarily need to be visiting Jerusalem for religious purposes to enjoy all that this incredible Middle Eastern city has to offer.

We spent almost 3 days in Jerusalem and were able to explore a large majority of the Old City as well as areas outside of the city walls. Even outside of the Old City, there are a lot of amazing historical attractions in Jerusalem to discover, and plenty of ways to see the city’s main highlights. Here are 5 fun activities in Jerusalem that we participated in, as well as some helpful tips about where to stay in Jerusalem as well.

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Fun Activities in Jerusalem

Any Jerusalem itinerary should include at least one fun activity to make the trip more memorable. There are a lot of things to see in Jerusalem, and a lot of delicious food to eat too, so it may be worth your while to join a guided tour if you’re short on time. The below activities come highly recommended and are a lot of fun to take part in.

1. Join a running tour

View of older part of Jerusalem on a hill.
View of Jerusalem

If you travel a lot then chances are you’ve been on a lot of walking tours, but have you ever tried a running tour? Run JLM is a unique guided tour in Jerusalem that allows you to work out while you learn more about the thousands of years worth of history that this ancient city holds. During the tour you’ll visit some unique landmarks, take in incredible views, and of course burn some calories along the mountainous terrain. The tours are designed for runners of all experiences and can be fully customized to meet your interests. It’s definitely one of the most unusual things to do in Jerusalem and is a lot of fun!

2. Segway tour

Two Segways parked at a viewpoint in Jerusalem.
View from the Peace Forest

The City of David Segway Tour is another great option if you want to explore hidden corners of Jerusalem. Our tour started in the Peace Forest, which is a little bit of a natural oasis in the heart of the city. If you’ve never been on a segway before, the guides will teach you how to manoeuvre it safely before the tour starts, so don’t worry. Along the route you get to take in some breathtaking views looking back at the Old City, and from the top of the Peace Forest you’ll get an amazing angle of Temple Mount in the distance. This is a very fun activity in Jerusalem to try in a tranquil setting.

3. Live the Bible

Biblical costumes lined up on a railing in a shop.
Biblical costumes

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in biblical times? Well, in the heart of Jerusalem’s Old City you can become a central part of a biblical story thanks to Live the Bible. Located in the Jewish Quarter, Live the Bible allows you to dress up in biblical attire and gives you the opportunity to connect to the bible stories in an enjoyable way. If you’re an introvert like me, maybe parading through the Old City in a costume seems daunting, but it’s only a short walk to the photo location and is a fun activity in Jerusalem for larger groups.

4. Old City market tour

Jewish man weaving a shawl on an old fashioned loom.

The Old City of Jerusalem is organized into four different quarters: Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Armenian. The historical cobbled streets and narrow alleyways can be a bit difficult to navigate at times, so it’s easy to miss some of the hidden gems while you’re exploring. I would highly recommend joining an Old City market tour which will take you on a culinary experience through the markets, and along the way you’ll be able to sample some of the best street food there. If you’re stuck about what to do in Jerusalem, or only have 1 day in Jerusalem to spare, this type of walking tour is always a great option.

5. Wine tasting at the Mamilla Hotel

Man pouring samples of wine inside the Mamilla Hotel.
The Winery

During our three days in Jerusalem we based ourselves at the gorgeous Mamilla Hotel, located only a short walk from the Old City. The hotel has a lot of facilities and activities inside its walls, but one of the most popular is their wine tasting experience. The Winery inside the Mamilla Hotel boasts a wide selection of Israeli wines, and their in-house sommelier will take you through each of your choices and give you some recommendations along the way. If you enjoy trying wine from various regions of the world, then this will be one of the best activities in Jerusalem for you.

Where To Stay in Jerusalem

Mamilla Hotel

The Mamilla Hotel is a stunning hotel in Jerusalem located at the crossroads of the Old City and the new one. The interior of the hotel reflects this, with a modern interior that blends the city’s history with modernity in a seamless way. As soon as you walk through its doors you’ll be met with stunning architecture and a feeling of luxury. If you can draw your eyes away from the hotel lobby, the hotel also features the Akasha Spa & Fitness Centre, 3 restaurants (Happy Fish, The Ballroom, and the Rooftop Outdoor Lounge and Restaurant), the Mirror Bar, a winery, an espresso bar, and an indoor heated pool.

We stayed in their Executive Twin Room which was very modern and spacious. Upon arrival we were left some drinks and snacks on the side table, as well as information about the hotel and the city. The bathroom was a real highlight for us, with both a walk-in shower and a deep bathtub to relax in. A big feature of the rooms at the Mamilla Hotel is the liquid crystal bathroom wall which can change from transparent to solid at the click of a button. Their rooms are very luxurious with all of the amenities that you’d expect at a 5-star hotel.

If the room and the features of the hotel haven’t already convinced you to stay at the Mamillia Hotel, then the breakfast surely will. This is the grandest buffet breakfast I’ve ever been to, and there were a lot of incredibly well presented and fresh food choices available - the chefs even made your choice of eggs right in front of you. Breakfast is served in The Ballroom with lots of light coming through the large windows, so it’s the perfect way to start your day. The Mamilla Hotel is the best place to stay in Jerusalem to treat yourself, and is exactly where yesterday meets tomorrow.

*The David Citadel Hotel is another popular hotel option in Jerusalem, which is owned by the same company as the Mamilla Hotel and is located less than 5 minutes away.*

>> Click here for the most up to date prices at the Mamilla Hotel <<

As you can see, there are some great options when it comes to fun activities in Jerusalem to help you unpack all of that history, so hopefully at least one of these examples has appealed to you. There is certainly a lot to see in Jerusalem, so make sure you bring some comfortable shoes because you’ll be doing a lot of walking. And as an added bonus, there are some fun things to do in Jerusalem at night too, so your day doesn’t have to stop as soon as the sun goes down!

Have you joined any tours in Jerusalem before? I’d love to know what other tours or activities in Jerusalem you’d recommend trying for our next visit to this incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site, so please feel free to leave me a comment below or get in touch via Instagram.


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