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7 Amazing Places To Eat in Jerusalem Not To Be Missed

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

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Jerusalem is known for its beautiful historical sites and as a place of pilgrimage for different religions. But did you know that Jerusalem also has an incredible food scene that’s worth diving into as well? The food in Jerusalem really is something else, and whether you’re looking for a kosher meal or not, there are plenty of restaurants in Jerusalem to choose from as well as several markets where you can get something to eat on a budget.

Some of the best places to eat in Jerusalem offer a combination of Middle Eastern-inspired food as well as more Western dishes, and there’s certainly no shortage of flavour. To get a true feel for the food scene in Jerusalem, we dined at a mixture of traditional eateries, modern restaurants, and the odd food stall or two, which is where you’ll find a lot of the locals. The best food in Jerusalem doesn’t need to be expensive, but there’s no harm in treating yourself to a fancy meal either. Here are some of our favourite places to eat in Jerusalem that you need to try.

1. Jacko's Street

One of the most popular places to eat in Jerusalem is Jacko’s Street. It’s so popular in fact that it’s recommended to book weeks in advance to reserve a table! This modern restaurant is located next to the Mahane Yehuda Market and uses locally sourced seasonal produce to create their twist on traditional Kurdish dishes. This is the perfect restaurant in Jerusalem for dinner or a date night, and the atmosphere is quite something with lots of music and dancing whenever a table orders the dessert platter. It’s not the cheapest place to dine at but the food is incredible and there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options too. We can’t wait to return to Jacko’s Street and see what's on their next menu.

2. Mahane Yehuda Market

If you’re the type of person who loves to eat street food or eat your way through local markets, then you’ll really enjoy the famous Mahane Yehuda Market. This is the most well known market in Jerusalem with over 250 vendors selling everything from fresh produce to baked goods and specialty foods. There’s a lot going on here and it’s the perfect place to try some traditional freshly prepared food. There are also plenty of food tours that are centred around the Mahane Yehuda Market so don’t forget to check those out.

3. Hummus Ben Sira

Table with pita bread, hummus, and falafel in Jerusalem.
Hummus Ben Sira

Outside of the Old City, there’s only one place to go for hummus and falafels - Hummus Ben Sira. This is a very small restaurant in Jerusalem compared to others, but they serve nothing but made to order home cooked food. As the name suggests, they’re famous for their hummus which you can pair with a side of fluffy pita bread, falafels, chips, and salad to really make a full meal out of it. To make things easy they’ve installed a kiosk which you can order and pay through, so all that’s left is to pick up your food when your name’s called and enjoy.

4. Nahman Restaurant

Located in the Nachalat Shiva neighbourhood of Jerusalem, not too far from the Old City Walls, is Nahman Restaurant. It sits within the Music Square, at the back of the Hebrew Music Museum, and serves kosher Italian-style food. We sat outside and visited for lunch where we sampled a variety of their small starter dishes. For the mains we had a few options but went for the salmon pasta and the aubergine pasta which were nicely presented. Make sure you order the affogato at the end of your meal which is a unique drink that mixes ice cream with coffee - yum!

5. Miss Brown

A short walk from the Hebrew Music Museum will bring you to Miss Brown - a delicious dessert shop that’s known for its different flavours of tiramisu and its mini pancakes loaded with toppings. After spending all day walking around the historical attractions in Jerusalem it’s not a bad idea to treat yourself, and in my opinion this is one of the best places to do it. This isn’t your typical food to eat in Jerusalem, but it is a unique dessert shop and is adored by locals and tourists alike. Plus, you can always snap a photo with the giant teddy bear while you wait for your dessert to be made.

6. The Eucalyptus

Have you tried biblical cuisine before? If not, then you’ll want to book a table at The Eucalyptus right away. This is one of the best places to eat in Jerusalem if you want modern Israeli food that’s made with local and fresh ingredients, with a bit of inspiration from the bible. Some of the dishes on the menu are ones that would have been eaten by people in biblical times, while others draw inspiration from that time period but are presented in a more modern way. Moshe, the owner and head chef, has top chefs from all around the world visiting him to learn his secrets - the food is that good. Don’t be afraid to try something outside of your comfort zone either, because everything is cooked to perfection.

7. Old Town Markets

If you’re only spending one day in Jerusalem and are mostly basing yourself in the Old City then your best option would be to eat at some of the many food stalls around the four neighbourhoods. As you make your way through the bazaars you’ll come across many food options. The best way to know where to eat would be to join a guided tour, which is what we did.

During the tour we sampled several local dishes, including some very delicious hummus and pita bread, and learned more about the different neighbourhoods we were walking through as well. If you’re visiting Jerusalem on a budget then food stalls and markets are your best bet for keeping your budget on track.

Feeling hungry now? You should be! As you can see, there are a lot of food options in Jerusalem to choose from, and this list only touches the surface. There’s something for everyone and every budget, so you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money on food to have a good meal. Whether you’re into fine dining, are looking for cheap places to eat in Jerusalem, or have a bit of a sweet tooth, this city is a haven for foodies so you’ll definitely be leaving with a happy stomach.

Have you had the chance to eat in Jerusalem or Israel yet? Or still can’t decide on where to eat in Jerusalem’s Old City? Feel free to leave me a comment or get in touch via email if you have any tips or questions about eating in Jerusalem! You can also follow my travels on Instagram for more information about Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.


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