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Experience Galaxy Pod Hostel in Reykjavik

Pod hostels are quite a new addition to the accommodation world, but they are becoming very popular with travelers. When I found one in Reykjavik, I knew I had to use this excuse to try it out. I wasn't disappointed either! We booked a double bed pod, which was very roomy and we didn't feel claustrophobic. The pods themselves were very high tech, and it really did feel like you were staying on a spacecraft which was very fun! There are lockers provided for your things, or you can lock them in your pod too, which only you can open with a swipe of your card. There's even a virtual reality room with a lot of games which I'd definitely recommend trying if you haven't given VR a go yet. The shower and toilet facilities are shared, but they're separate for men and women, and are very private so it doesn't feel like you're sharing. And of course there's a kitchen for you to use, and you can also purchase breakfast from them too. In terms of location, it's about a 25 minute walk to the centre, and is located on one of the main roads in and out of the city so it's easy to find. This was a really fun experience overall, and something everyone should try at least once!

There's a great common area to chill out in, with enormous televisions too. There's also a bar, because you can't have a hostel without one.

Feel free to leave your mark on the hostel! Literally. Grab a marker and write something on the wall!

Getting some travel inspiration for Iceland.

How amazing are these pods?! The door slides across and locks if you want it to, and unlocks by a button on the inside, or your keycard if you're outside of it.

Everything is touch screen, and the television comes with a host of different things on it, including Netflix. You can change the brightness of the lighting around the mirror, and turn on some blue lights for a cool effect in the pod. Headphones are provided for the television too so you don't disturb anyone else.

Did I mention how easy it is to explore Iceland from the hostel? It's located on one of the main roads leading out of the city, meaning locations like the Kerid Crater are only a short drive away.

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