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A 2 Night Stay at Living Hotel, Frankfurt

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

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If you're looking for a modern and unique place to stay during your trip to Frankfurt, Living Hotel Frankfurt is the perfect fit. It has a very relaxed feel to it, and the self-service check-in process couldn't be easier to use (someone is on hand to help you though so don't worry). It's about a 30 minute walk from the city centre, but on your walk you pass through some lovely areas of the city. There is also public transportation easily accessible, and an Uber doesn't cost much either.

When we arrived there was a jazz evening going on in the "living room" area. Yes, I said living room. It's their version of a modern lobby, and it's a really fun idea that makes you feel right at home. In terms of breakfast, they have everything you could need, and even the food is set out in a unique way. We stayed in the Deluxe Double Apartment which was incredible. I honestly can't stop talking to people about it. It came with a fully equipped kitchen, a very large shower and an unbelievably comfortable bed complete with an enormous television on the wall. It even had a touchscreen for all of the lights. Words can't do it justice, so check out my photos from our stay below instead:

Living Hotel Frankfurt

Hotel lobby in Living Hotel Frankfurt, Germany
Hotel lobby

See what I mean by living room? Not your typical lobby, but oh so welcoming. I loved the design of this hotel. They even had books and magazines available for you to read, and the bar area was always open.

Breakfast selection with oils and eggs at Living Hotel Frankfurt, Germany
Breakfast selection

Since I love breakfast so much, we're going to start off with some photos of it. The set up of the breakfast was just as unique as the hotel lobby, and made choosing your food a fun experience. They have a lot of options available, mostly continental, but there are eggs and a few other hot foods to choose from too.

Fridge with breakfast selections inside at Living Hotel Frankfurt, Germany
Cold breakfast options

There was a separate fridge filled with a large variety of meats and cheeses. So naturally we had to try one of everything before we left.There was also a couple of yogurt options to choose from just next to the fridge.

Bread selection at breakfast in Living Hotel Frankfurt, Germany
Bread selection

No breakfast is complete without having some freshly prepared bread. When they brought more bread rolls out, they were still very warm and smelled delicious.

Fresh honey comb at breakfast at Living Hotel Frankfurt, Germany
Fresh honey

I think this amused me for about 10 minutes, because it's the first time I've come across this in a hotel. What more could you ask for than fresh honey that you can either take from the bowl or eat right from the honeycomb!

Deluxe double apartment in Living Hotel Frankfurt, Germany
Deluxe Double Apartment

How cozy does this bedroom look? Our Deluxe Double Apartment was like a dream and the bed was incredibly comfortable. The curtains were black out ones too, so you can have a little lie in if you're feeling tired from all of the walking you've been doing.

Bathroom with shower in double deluxe apartment at Living Hotel Frankfurt, Germany

The bathroom was really nice. It was beautifully tiled and the towels were very soft. Everything was spotless, which is the most important part of any hotel room's bathroom in my opinion. There were some toiletries provided as well, and if you need anything extra they will bring it to your room.

Red and black kitchen area in double deluxe apartment in Living Hotel Frankfurt, Germany

I love red, so this kitchen was just amazing for me. Having a kitchen while travelling is great for anyone's budget and is a good time saver too. We decided to take advantage of it and cooked one of our dinners here, and had a Netflix and chill kind of night.

Living room with various seat styles in double deluxe apartment in Living Hotel Frankfurt, Germany
Living Room

Our living room area flowed perfectly with the rest of the room's modern design. I may have sat in this chair and spun around a few times pretending to be a villain. Please keep your judgement to yourself. There was free WiFi available and air conditioning too if you plan on visiting in the warmer months.

White and green mugs in double deluxe apartment in Living Hotel Frankfurt, Germany
Coffee maker and mugs

The room was fully equipped, and even had its own personalized Derag Living Hotels mugs. There wasn't anything missing that we needed, which made our stay in this fantastic hotel-apartment perfect.

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If you need some recommendations on what to do in Frankfurt, click here to read what we got up to during our 3 days in the city. We visited during the Christmas period, and spent a lot of time at the Christmas market which was amazing. Click here to read more about that and what food you should try. If you're looking for accommodation in Frankfurt closer to the main train station and Exhibition Centre, QGREENHOTEL by Meliá is the perfect option. Remember to follow along with my travels on Instagram!


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