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Whitby: Dracula's Birthplace

I've not explored England's east coast as much as I would have liked, so I did a bit of research and took some recommendations into account, and decided Whitby looked like a good place to start! I looked at some photos online before going, but nothing prepared me for how beautiful the town really was. Parking on the West Cliff, we had a good vantage point over the bay as we made our way through the town towards the abbey. There was lots going on in Whitby, so you can easily find something that everyone would enjoy. My favourite facts? Of course it would have to be that it was the inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula and that they host a Goth Weekend!

1. West Cliff views
The view from the West Cliff is stunning, and is an ideal parking location.
2. Captain Cook statue
The statue of Captain Cook stands atop the West Cliff as well, overlooking Whitby Bay.
3. Whalebone Arch
The whalebone arch is a must in terms of photo ops in Whitby!
4. Pier
Take a walk along the pier.
5. Boat tours
There are plenty of boat trips you can go on as well! There's also a replica of Captain Cook's ship that you can travel on!
6. Grab some sweets
Don't miss out on all the sweet treats in Whitby!
7. Gothic ice cream anyone?
Oh yes, this is real. And yes, it was great. Just near the pier there was a stall selling "gothic" ice cream. Surprisingly, it was vanilla flavoured! With a little charcoal extract.
8. Explore the old streets
The old cobbled streets leading up to the abbey are gorgeous and full of quaint little shops and pubs.
9. Walk up the 199 steps
How do you get to the abbey? Well first you need to trudge up the famous 199 steps to the top of the cliff, and then take a stroll through the "Dracula" graveyard.
10. Whitby Abbey
HERE IT IS! It costs around £8 to enter, and is oh so worth it. They may just be ruins, but they are immense. They were also part of a famous scene in Bram Stoker's Dracula!

Backpack One

My favourite travel accessory! Anti-theft, charging port, headphone jack. Ideal!

Imagine this on a Halloween night ...
11. Fish & Chips
Best way to end the day? By grabbing some famous Whitby fish and chips. We stopped at Silver Street Fisheries, it's top rated online and was amazing!

Who else has experienced Whitby? I'd love to hear your stories or recommendations for other places to visit along the east coast!


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