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Visiting Manchester? Stay SACO Apartments

Manchester is such a fantastic city, with so many different things to do and experience. Whether you're visiting for the football, the shopping, or its historic charm, this major English city won't leave you disappointed. When traveling, I often find that it's best to book into an apartment style hotel, so you have the option to cook for yourself and save money that you can put towards other activities. Whether or not you use the kitchen is completely up to you, but it's always good to give yourself the option. I came across SACO Manchester while perusing the usual hotel travel sites, and was really surprised at their prices considering the location and modern decor. The bedroom provided a real homely feel, and the lounge/kitchen area was very well equipped and spotless. I honestly couldn't find any fault with it. In terms of the location, it was only a few minutes walk from Piccadilly train station, and very close to a tram stop. It was also ideally situated for all the shops and restaurants!

Such a cosy room, and the bed was very comfortable.

Spotless bathrooms are a must!

It's the little things.

Gorgeous lounge area, complete with a TV. Great for relaxing after a day of exploring the city!

Fully equipped kitchen, complete with fresh milk, hot chocolate and biscuits!

You really are treated like a VIP here, the receptionists and staff are all very friendly and willing to help.

What are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Manchester now!

If you have any questions about my stay in Manchester, please get in touch and I'd be happy to help!


My name is Krista, and like many people I love to travel! I think it's important that people share their travel experiences, so I hope that mine help you in some way in your own travels, or inspire you to travel more! 

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