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Unique Global Spirits That Will Spark Your Travel Senses

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission from the discount codes used or when a link/ad is clicked. All purchases made will come at no extra cost to you, and I only include products and services that I have personally used and would recommend.

Wherever you travel you’ll no doubt want to bring something home to remember the trip, whether that be a tacky souvenir or something a little bit more high end. While I’ve been travelling I’ve noticed that there are a lot of unique spirits that have fascinating stories behind them, and oftentimes these interesting spirits are ones that I haven’t come across in my home country - but luckily most are available online.

The backstories of some of the world’s most popular spirits are very well known, from rum being distilled in the Caribbean to tequila dating back over a thousand years to the Aztecs in Mexico. Today there are many versions of spirits for sale all over the world and each one has an interesting story that’s worth diving into. After all, what better way to get a taste of a new country or reminisce about a place you’ve visited in the past than by settling into a comfy seat and having a nice drink (or a few)?

Here’s a look at some unique spirits from around the world that are a mixture of popular spirit brands as well as artisan spirits that are really pushing boundaries when it comes to new and innovative flavour profiles.

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Agnes Arber Pineapple Gin

Yellow bottle of gin next to copper mug and pineapple.
Agnes Arber Pineapple Gin

Alcohol is always more interesting to drink with a story behind it, which is why Agnes Arber Gin is an experience in itself. Their gin is named after a 20th century botanical historian who predominantly researched flowering plants. She was the first woman ever to win the Gold Medal of the Linnean Society and by the time of her death she had published many books on botany as well as philosophy. It’s not just the name of the gin that pays homage to Agnes Arber though. The gin itself is infused with 9 botanicals that all relate to her studies.

Agnes Arber Gin is based out of the West Midlands in England, and they have created 3 distinct gins for their portfolio, with their pineapple gin really making waves, especially in the summer months. The Agnes Arber Pineapple Gin is a unique spirit and has a flavour profile not found in most gins. The pineapple is added to the original gin mixture post distillation, along with mango, to give it its unique tropical flavour. You’ll also be able to taste notes of lemon, orange, coriander, and grapefruit which pair together beautifully. As you’re sipping on your G&T infused with pineapple, you may want to add their rhubarb gin to your next shopping list too.

Shipping: UK only

Price: £30

Crossbill Scottish Dry Gin

Bottle of gin sitting on stump in a forest.
Crossbill Scottish Dry Gin

Crossbill Distilling originally opened its distillery in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, in the very popular town of Aviemore. Today though the Scottish distiller can be found in Glasgow’s East End. They are still very much tied to the idea of the beautiful nature that Scotland has to offer. Their award-winning gins use fresh and wild botanicals that are harvested by hand, macerated, and then distilled in Glasgow. This slow process allows them to create spirits of the best quality, and Crossbill Distilling has become so popular that they’ve now opened a Gin School where people can come and create their own personalized gin on site!

Named after a unique small bird, Crossbill Distilling has truly created something special with their Scottish Dry Gin by using methods that can be dated back to the original creation of gin. Unlike other gin distillers, they use just two fresh botanicals, wild Scottish juniper and rosehip. This creates a pure tasting gin that’s very reminiscent of the Scottish countryside and pine forests that so many people love to visit throughout the year. If you’re yearning to return to the Scottish Highlands, just a sip of this gin will have your senses transported there.

Shipping: UK & EU

Price: £38.00

Georgian Bay Spirit Co. Distillery Series Gin: 10th Anniversary Edition

Bottle of gin with wooden top sitting on purple bench.
Distillery Series Gin: 10th Anniversary Edition

If you live in Canada, or you’re planning a trip there in the future, you’ll want to get your hands on at least one of the award-winning spirits that are produced by Georgian Bay Spirit Co., located in the northeastern part of Lake Huron. They’re one of the top producing small batch craft distilleries in Canada and have been going strong for 10 years with more than 30 different products available on their shelves. If you have some spare time or are looking for somewhere to plan a road trip to I would highly recommend the Georgian Bay area - you won’t be disappointed.

And if you’ve never tried Canadian gin before, now is the time to do it! Georgian Bay Spirit Co. has just released the first batch of the Distillery Series Gin: 10th Anniversary Edition which features 10 carefully selected botanicals that have been slowly distilled to increase the flavours. This is an elegant gin with notes of citrus, juniper, and rose petals so it’s both easy to sip and add to your favourite mixer or cocktail. Now all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the flavours of Canada - wherever you are in the world.

Shipping: Canada

Price: $45.99 CAD

Highclere Castle Gin

Tall purple bottle of gin sitting on stone plant pot.
Highclere Castle Gin

Have you heard of Highclere Castle before? You may recognize the name if you’re a fan of Downton Abbey. Or if you love history as much as I do then you’ll definitely know it as the home of the man who funded the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun - the 5th Earl of Carnarvon. It’s certainly a place with a deep rooted history and a lot of stories to tell from the many lavish parties that have been held here over the centuries. And to tie all of this together Highclere Castle has now come out with its own London Dry Gin distilled in England’s oldest gin distillery!

Using botanicals grown in the castle gardens to give it its unique flavour, Highclere Castle Gin boasts a citrus forward profile which is perfect for drinking on the rocks or as part of a cocktail. It’s the first gin in the world to use oats in its blend, which gives it a creamy finish, and the juniper used has grown on the property since Roman times. If that wasn’t enough, the lavender that features in this gin was first planted in the 9th century by the Bishops of Winchester.

This is one of the smoothest gins you’ll find, so whether you intend to try your hand at a cocktail recipe from the castle’s butler, or want to enjoy its flavour profile on ice, this gin will have you wanting to pack your bags for England and see the origins of Highclere Castle Gin in person.

Shipping: UK, US, EU by third party retailers

Price: £34.99/$49.99/€43.00

Himbrimi Winterbird London Dry Gin

Bottle of London Dry Gin from Iceland on top of clothes.
Winterbird London Dry Gin

Iceland may not be known for its gin production but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any gin distilleries on the island. Based in Reykjavik and founded in 2017, Brunnur Distillery is the heartbeat of Himbrimi Gin. The spirit was initially produced with two purposes in mind: to keep fishermen warm while they’re out on the water and to be enjoyed later in a nice, warm cabin eithre in a cocktail mixture or with tonic. The name itself comes from the Icelandic word for the common loon which is a bird that fishermen in Iceland know all too well.

If you’ve ever been to Iceland then you’re no doubt dreaming of the day that you can go back and explore more of this beautiful country. The Himbrimi Winterbird London Dry Gin brings the spirit of Iceland right to your home with hints of angelica flower and wild arctic thyme. The distillery aims to produce a very smooth gin through the use of the natural energy of geothermal water so it can be enjoyed in a number of different ways too. And if that wasn’t enough to entice you, 5% of all sales go towards nature conservation in Iceland.

Shipping: US, UK, & several EU countries.

Price: $39.99/£42.20

Lind & Lime Gin

Clear bottle of gin next to limes on top of paper map.
Lind & Lime Gin

Although Scotland is famous for its whisky, the Lind & Lime Distillery has drawn inspiration from the history and heritage of Edinburgh to create a London Dry Gin in the historic distilling district of Leith. At the core of their Lind & Lime Gin is juniper and lime, but they’ve added a spicy note to it with the incorporation of pink peppercorns which helps to tie the flavour profiles of the 7 botanicals together perfectly.

So, why lime? It all comes down to two inspirations: an 18th century doctor called James Lind who found that citrus fruits help to prevent scurvy and Rose’s Lime Cordial which was originally produced in Leith. And for those of you visiting Edinburgh in the near future, The Port of Leith Distillery offers a tour and tasting at their distillery which is quickly becoming one of the best things to do in Edinburgh - so don’t miss out!

Shipping: UK only

Price: £37.50

Ramsbury Single Estate Gin

Bottle of gin sitting inside a picnic basket.
Ramsbury Single Estate Gin

Everyone who visits Wiltshire falls in love with the beautiful countryside, and having visited it briefly on a trip to Stonehenge I completely understand why. This rich and fertile land is perfect for farming, and nestled right in the heart of this picturesque countryside is Ramsbury Estate. They produce one of the only single estate gins made in the UK, meaning that every stage of the gin making process happens on their land. What makes this a unique spirit though is the fact that they use the base of their very popular Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka and re-distill the spirit to create their gin.

The Ramsbury Single Estate Gin is infused with no less than 14 botanicals such as bitter almond, angelica root, cardamon, liquorice, orange, and of course juniper. This is a London Dry Gin with a very tasty and modern twist that’s blended down using their own chalk filtered water. The addition of quince, which has ties to ancient Greece, really makes it stand out and adds a fresh note to the gin. If you happen to be touring Wiltshire you can always visit Ramsbury Estate and join one of their distillery tours to see how everything is made.

Shipping: UK only. Available in the following markets: Italy, Greece, France, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Canada, & Australia

Price: £29.50

Scapegrace Dry Gin

Black bottle of gin sitting in front of a fireplace.
Scapegrace Dry Gin

A very unique spirit that you simply can’t miss the chance to try is the Premium Scapegrace Dry Gin. Scapegrace was founded in New Zealand by two brother-in-laws who decided to make their own version of gin using no less than 12 botanicals, 80 year old water from the country’s Southern Alps, and a 19th century whisky still. Their creation is now a global award-winning spirit that holds New Zealand at the heart of everything. It's a clean tasting gin with naturally filtered water flowing through it which is very evident as you take a sip.

Scapegrace has gone with a modern take on the traditional 200 year old Jenever bottle for their own gin bottle, in a nod to the history of gin making. As well as the bottle itself, the contents of their classic London Dry Gin is just as unique. The 12 botanicals used, such as nutmeg, angelica root, and juniper berries blend together to make the base of this gin, but it's the addition of orange and lemon peels that comes through the most. If this isn’t a fun way to get a taste of New Zealand then I don’t know what is.

Shipping: 40 countries worldwide

Price: £34.00/$36.99/€38.50

Smugglers Gin

Bottle of gin laid on top of a push pin map.
Smugglers Gin

Whether you’ve travelled to Edinburgh or not, chances are that you’ll know it’s a Scottish city with a very deep rooted history dating back thousands of years. Smugglers Spirits, who are based in Edinburgh, have brought an interesting time in Edinburgh’s history to life with their unique cabinet of spirits. Their spirits have been distilled using inspiration from the 18th century, which was a time of prohibition in Scotland and when smuggling was at its peak. Their spirits are distilled in small batches and are handcrafted using Scottish ingredients.

Smugglers Gin is an award-winning London Dry Gin that’s distilled using naturally grown and hand-harvested Scottish botanicals. This is a very citric forward gin thanks to the use of lemon verbena and lemon balm, but you’ll also catch a peppery note, Scots lovage, and coriander that all help to create a herb-like taste among the citrus flavours. This unique combination means that it’s the perfect gin to have in a cocktail where the spirit is the dominant force. So sit back and enjoy this little taste of Scottish history.

Shipping: UK and Northern Ireland

Discount: TravelSpirits for 10% off all orders

Price: £37.95


Admiral’s Old J Spiced Rum

Bottle of Admiral's rum sitting next to a dock with boats.
Old J Spiced Rum

Rum is one of the oldest spirits in the world, with a history dating back to the 17th century when it was first distilled in the West Indies. From then on rum grew in popularity throughout the Caribbean, and eventually North American and Europe. The story behind Admiral’s Old J Spiced Rum is an interesting one dating back to 1740. At this time the admiral enforced a reduction in the strength of the British Navy’s rum, which was of course met with complaints until he suggested adding lime and sugar to the rum to make it taste better.

Old J was created in honour of the admiral, by using his original concept with a few modern additions. After over 60 trials, Old J Spiced Rum was born using the best quality Caribbean rum from Trinidad and Barbados. You’ll be able to taste a variety of spices and flavours, including toffee, sweet vanilla, and Persian lime. The flavours are traditional which creates a smooth drinking experience that can be enjoyed just about anywhere. After all, rum and history always go hand in hand.

Shipping: UK only

Price: £21.00

Barti Rum

Bottle of rum on a wall next to the sea at high tide.
Barti Rum

What do you get when you mix the Pembrokeshire Coast, freshly harvested laver seaweed, and an epic story about a Welsh pirate from the early 18th century? A Caribbean spiced rum infused with the flavours of a distinct seaweed that’s sure to blow your flavour palate away. Barti Rum is based in the county of Pembrokeshire in the southwest of Wales and they’ve managed to bring the story of a local pirate, Barti Ddu, to life with their reimagining of spiced rum that’s enjoyed throughout the world (and often linked to pirates too). Barti Ddu wasn’t only a pirate though. He was a strong pioneer of democracy, believed in equality for all of his crew members regardless of skin colour, and ensured his men treated the women they encountered with respect.

So how does this story tie into arguably the most unique rum in Wales? The southwest of Wales is known for its production of laverbread (seaweed based) which has been a staple food here since the beginning of the 17th century. The use of laver seaweed, mixed with a bit of inspiration from the pirate Barti Ddu, lead to the unique seaweed rum that’s been making big waves in the spirits industry since 2017.

Along with an umami undertone, Barti Rum balances vanilla, citrus, clove, and cinnamon to create a vegan rum that can be pleasantly sipped or poured into your favourite mixer. Their bottles are now made using 50% recycled glass and even the labels are fully biodegradable. It’s time to transport yourself back to a time when pirates were a dominant force in Welsh history.

Shipping: UK, Jersey, and Guernsey

Price: £32.00


Bottle of rum and opened coconut on a sandy beach.

Do you have Jamaica on your bucket list? Or maybe it’s one of your favourite places to visit and you can’t wait to go back. Well the team at Maison Ferrand have come out with the ultimate taste of southern Jamaica in the form of Canerock rum. The rum is infused with natural spices and aged in old Sherry casks for an added punch of flavour. Sherry comes from the historic town of Jerez de la Frontera in southern Spain and is known for its sweet flavour profile so the casks have given Canerock a unique finish that adds to its complexity.

You’ll also notice a touch of ginger, coconut, and Madagascan vanilla pods which makes this rum ideal for sipping by itself or mixing into a tasty Caribbean cocktail. Canerock is a sweeter rum than most, but it has an exceptional flavour that will have you dreaming of the beaches of Jamaica and get your travel juices flowing.

Shipping: Worldwide from local distributors

Price: £40.00/$58.00/€42.00

Dark Matter Spiced Rum

Bottle of spiced rum next to tube sample of rum.
Dark Matter Spiced Rum

If whisky isn’t really your thing, why not try out Scotland’s first rum instead? Dark Matter Distillers has created a spiced rum that’s got a lot of people talking. They were founded in 2015 by two brothers in Banchory, Aberdeenshire who searched far and wide for the best ingredients to add to their distinctive rum. This area of Scotland is very popular for people wanting to escape the hustle of Scottish city life, so it’s definitely worth visiting if you’re planning a trip to Aberdeen or the surrounding area.

Dark Matter Spiced Rum is handcrafted with a lot of unique flavour infusions, including allspice berries, ginger from the orient, Thai green peppercorns, and Indonesian long pepper. All of these ingredients combined provide a punchy rum with a bit of sweetness which is great either on the rocks or with your favourite mixer. For those of you wanting a unique global spirit to try, this one certainly hits the mark in all the right ways.

Shipping: UK only

Price: £30.00

Distillerie Shefford Acerum Brown & White

Brown and white rum bottles on wooden table.
Acerum Brown and White

Canada is well known for its whiskey production, but Distillerie Shefford is starting to put Quebec on the map for other spirits as well. Located in Shefford, just east of Montreal, this unique distillery operates their own maple grove and grows their own grains so many of the ingredients they need to distill their products are homegrown. And what better way to take a piece of Canada home with you than by picking up one of their maple-infused rums?

Canada’s production of maple syrup is unrivalled and Distillerie Shefford have come up with a unique way to use the fermentation and distillation of reduced maple in their rums. Acerum, from the Latin word for maples, is available in two forms - brown and white. The Acerum Brown has been aged in oak barrels that gives it a taste of cinnamon mixed with maple sugar and bitter orange. You’ll also be able to detect an aroma of caramel which is always attractive.

Their Acerum White on the other hand is a pure rum that hasn’t gone through the aging process. It’s a more lively rum with peppery notes on the palate but you will still be able to get a hint of maple aromas. Distillerie Shefford have really focused on the Quebec terroir in both of their rums which makes them very flavourful - however you like to drink them. For those of you travelling in and around Montreal, Shefford is only a short 1 hour drive and you won’t find a better locally produced spirit that embodies the flavours of the region than at Distillerie Shefford.

Shipping: Canada

Price: $54.00 CAD (brown) and $52.00 CAD (white)

Goslings Black Seal Bermuda Black Rum

Bottle of Black Seal sitting next to pool and flip flops.
Black Seal Bermuda Black Rum

Island life and rum go hand in hand, which is why the Gosling family has been producing rum in Bermuda since the early 19th century. The secret behind their rum is a blend of three different rums which are aged independently, and the final blend is aged in American oak casks that once held bourbon. The brand’s flagship Goslings Black Seal Rum was originally called Old Rum, and until World War I it was only sold in barrels. It eventually became so popular that following the war they began selling it in champagne bottles which had been reclaimed from the British Officer’s Mess and sealed using black sealing wax - hence the name “black seal” rum!

Today Goslings is the only company that both blends and bottles its spirit in Bermuda, and it’s the largest exporter of a Bermuda-based product. Their award-winning Black Seal Rum has a lovely flavour with notes of vanilla, caramel, and butterscotch which makes for a very smooth tasting experience. To get a real taste of Bermuda you can always make the national drink of Bermuda, Dark ‘n Stormy®, using the Goslings Black Seal Rum and ginger beer as well as many other refreshing cocktails that are perfect for summer nights or to accompany your trip planning from the comfort of your own home.

Shipping: US, Canada, UK, and Europe

Price: £23.99/$24.99/€28.00

Pull the Pin Flavoured Rum

Two bottles of flavored rum laying on colourful blanket.
Pull the Pin Flavoured Rum

Would you dare to pull the pin? Don’t worry - this rum isn’t going to explode or anything like that, but it is designed for the adventurous spirits out there, with a subtle nod to the military in its design. The co-founder of Pull the Pin Spirits spent a number of years in the British military, travelling to places like Albania, Norway, and the Jordanian desert. From these experiences he was able to experiment with a number of different spirits, flavours, and spices which would eventually turn into Pull the Pin’s spiced rum.

But it isn’t just spiced rum that this North-Devon based brand is known for. Their Passionfruit & Pineapple Silver Rum is a nice light rum with a dash of orange zest added to the flavour profile. It’s perfect for adding to refreshing tropical cocktails in the summer. Their other flavoured rum is the Raspberry & Strawberry Pink Rum which has a quintessential British taste to it by using sweet berries to bring out a fruity flavour. Whether you’re a spiced rum kind of person or like to have some natural flavours added to your rum, Pull the Pin have created both types of rum which will take you on a journey across the world and the British mainland.

Shipping: UK and Northern Ireland

Price: £36.00

Two Drifters Signature Rum

Bottle of rum with paper label held up on beach.
Signature Rum

With Two Drifters Signature Rum you get a great tasting spirit that’s been distilled with absolutely no harmful impact on the environment - impressive, right? Their carbon negative rum story began on the western coast of Canada and when they eventually settled in Devon, England they set out to make a positive impact on the drinks industry. Everything from the electricity in their distillery to the carbon neutral packaging helps offset the CO2 produced from shipping and other unavoidable stages in their production. Overall, Two Drifters Distillery removes more CO2 than they produce which is a rarity in the drinks industry.

Their Signature Rum is made from 100% cane molasses and gets its distinct flavour profile from the French Oak, ex-Madeira casks that are imported into Exeter. You can expect hints of muscovado sugar and orange peel from the first sip of this dry rum, and it pairs perfectly either with your favourite mixer or on ice. Two Drifters Signature Rum will quickly become one of your go-to spirits, especially if you like to support sustainable small businesses.

Shipping: UK only with distributors in Canada and Europe

Price: £37.00/$69.99 CAD


Padre Azul Super Premium Tequila Reposado

Bottle of tequila with skull bottle cap and leather body.
Super Premium Tequila Reposado

Tequila is a spirit that’s deeply tied to Mexico, and while there are a lot of versions of tequila on the market today, Padre Azul, who is based in Austria, has gone a step further and created one of the most unique spirits you’ll come across. Everything from the handcrafted bottle to the leather sleeve and beautiful skull lid have been carefully designed and made in Mexico to make the experience of drinking this premium tequila even more enjoyable and memorable.

The tequila bottle itself is probably one of the quirkiest that you’ll come across, but what about the taste? Padre Azul has three main tequilas available, which you can sample by purchasing one of their tasting sets before choosing which one you prefer. The Tequila Reposado was created to surprise the person drinking it, by using 100% blue agave that’s cooked and fermented for several days before spending 8 months in a hand-selected oak bourbon barrel. The result is a very sweet and smooth finish that will have you tasting a mixture of vanilla, coconut, caramel, and white chocolate from the barrel and the cooked agave, banana, and other fruits from the first stages.

The love story tied to Padre Azul has helped to bring quality tequila to Europe. The blue agave is grown close to the town of Tequila in Mexico, in the valleys of Amatitán in Jalisco. If you’ve ever travelled to this part of Mexico then I’m sure you’ll know all about the soil and climate that makes it ideal for the agave to flourish. Padre Azul will no doubt have you wanting to plan a trip to Mexico so you can explore the home of tequila in person.

Shipping: UK, US, and EU

Price: £99.95/$75.99/€93.50


Pincer Vodka

Black bottle of vodka next to glass sitting on world map.
Pincer Vodka

If you’re the type of person that likes a pure vodka tasting experience, then you’ll certainly enjoy Pincer Vodka. This botanical vodka is produced in Scotland using the finest wheat, soft Scottish water, and an infusion of botanical extracts of milk thistle and wild elderflower. The result? A very creamy balance of warmth and sweetness that’s unlike any other vodka.

The combination of the two botanicals as well as the wheat creates a fruity and floral taste with a texture like honey and a very clean finish. And by using pure Scottish water in the distillation process Pincer Vodka is a great example of a fully Scottish vodka with a unique texture. This type of vodka can really spruce up a cocktail, or many people prefer to have it mixed with soda water to bring out its flavour profile. For those of you hoping to add to your global spirits collection, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of Pincer Vodka.

Shipping: UK & EU

Price: £35.00

Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka

Blue bottle of vodka sitting next to laptop.
Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka

Interested in trying one of the only single estate English vodkas in the UK? Ramsbury Estate is located in Wiltshire, a county in southwest England known for historic sites such as Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral. If you’re not familiar with the term “single estate” it means that every process from planting, harvesting and distilling takes place in a single location. Ramsbury prides themselves on their spirit-making processes as well as being environmentally friendly in all that they do. Even the spent grains are fed to animals on their farm to eliminate waste.

Ramsbury is a very unique English distillery, and with that comes an equally unique vodka. Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka uses just two ingredients to create an extremely smooth spirit: winter wheat and their own chalk filtered water. By using just two ingredients Ramsbury has been able to create notes of dark chocolate, caramel, dried fruits, and a beautiful creamy texture. Wheat is definitely at the forefront of this vodka, which will no doubt have you dreaming of the English countryside.

Shipping: UK only. Available in the following markets: Italy, Greece, France, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Canada, & Australia

Price: £29.50

Shanty Spirit Seaweed Botanical Vodka

Bottle of vodka sitting on a wood pillar on the beach.
Shanty Spirit Seaweed Botanical Vodka

Do seaweed and vodka really pair well together? The team at Shanty Spirit believe so and have perfected a very unique spirit that expertly blends 5 hand foraged organic British seaweeds to create an umami flavour that I guarantee you’ve never tasted before in a vodka. Shanty Spirit is based in Dorset, and draws on the founder’s connection to this beautiful coastline. After many experiments he found just the right ingredients to distill a unique and complex unlike anything else on the market.

The seaweeds used in this unique small batch vodka are sustainably hand foraged from along the British coastline. The flavours chosen are frequently found in Asian dishes which help to create an enhanced flavour profile. The seaweeds include kelp, wakame, gutweed, sea lettuce, and pepper dulse which is known as the “truffle of the sea”. These seaweeds are paired with botanicals such as bergamot, yuzu, and sea buckthorn (among others) and the vodka blend is eventually finished off with Dorset sea salt.

What’s also interesting about this vodka is that it’s vacuum distilled to keep the flavours as fresh as possible. Just one sip of Shanty’s Seaweed Botanical Vodka will have you transported to the Dorset coast, especially with the bottle’s unique artwork created by a local artist that adds to the experience.

Shipping: UK only

Price: £39.00

Smugglers Scottish Vodka

Bottle of vodka with wooden lid held up to the sky.
Smugglers Scottish Vodka

If you’ve never tried vodka from Edinburgh then you’re truly missing out. Smugglers Spirits have designed a range of small-batch spirits that are inspired by the 18th century tales of smugglers during the prohibition era in Scotland. At this time the smugglers were the true heroes of the city, though they faced the death penalty if they were caught. In the end though, after a very large rebellion against the captain of the City Guard, smuggling continued in Edinburgh. With the past as inspiration, and with sustainability in mind, Smugglers Spirits have come up with a very Scottish vodka.

Inspired by the beauty of Scotland, Smugglers Scottish Vodka is distilled using pure Scottish water with wheat grown in GMO-free soil. This is a very smooth and creamy vodka, with hints of citrus, honey, and fresh bread which all comes together for a crisp finish. They use only three ingredients (water, wheat, and yeast) so it’s a very impressive taste that may surprise you. The Scots love their whisky, but having lived in Scotland for a number of years I know they also enjoy their vodka - sometimes even more than whisky!

Shipping: UK and Northern Ireland

Discount: TravelSpirits for 10% off all orders

Price: £32.50


Blackland Texas Pecan Brown Sugar Bourbon

Bottle of bourbon next to glass of pecans and a watch.
Blackland Texas Pecan Brown Sugar Bourbon

Kentucky may produce a large majority of the world’s bourbon, but let’s not forget about Texas. Blackland Distillery is based in Fort Worth, Texas and they create spirits that are sourced from locally grown grains. Their name comes from the nearby Blackland Prairie where the dark rich soil allows native tall grass to grow and thrive. This area is beautiful to visit in the warmer weather so if you happen to be visiting Fort Worth in the near future it may be worth adding to your itinerary.

Blackland’s latest unique spirit, Texas Pecan Brown Sugar, is a small-batch bourbon with a gentle pecan taste on the front palate, a dash of sweet sugar bourbon, and a smooth finish that’s perfect for drinking on ice. If you’re like me and like your cocktails though, there are plenty of recipes that it pairs well with. This bourbon is presented in a beautiful bottle as well which helps to round off the elegance of this spirit.

Shipping: UK and US

Price: £45.99/$47.00

Cù Bòcan Signature

Bottle of whisky next to grey box standing on stones on beach.
Cù Bòcan Signature

It’s no secret that Scotland is very well known for its whisky production. But Tomatin Distillery in Inverness, who have been distilling whisky since 1897 and use the soft waters of the Alt-na-Frith in the production of their single malt and blended whiskies, have started to experiment a little bit. They’ve managed to create a whisky that not only hits all of the right places with its smokiness, but also has a sweet side to it that will surprise even the most avid whisky drinker. You can even visit the distillery if you happen to be travelling around this part of Scotland!

Cù Bòcan Signature is a lightly peated Highland whisky that’s produced using a blend of bourbon, Oloroso Sherry, and North American virgin oak casks to create its unique flavour profile. Thanks to the blended casks you’ll catch notes of chocolate, honey, paprika, and citrus - just to name a few. It’s a beautiful blend of flavours and is certainly high on the list of unique global spirits to try for whisky enthusiasts. It’s an experimental spirit but one that hits all of the right notes.

Shipping: UK and many other countries

Price: £46.00

Kinahan’s Irish Whiskey The KASC Project [B]

Bottle of Irish whiskey sitting inside a leather bag.
The KASC Project [B]

Whiskey lovers are jumping at the chance to try out Kinahan’s latest project, which is inspired by older whiskey making methods but with experimentation at the forefront. The KASC Project [B] is the first hybrid cask blended Irish whiskey in the world, which uses wood as the key driving force of its flavours. The handmade hybrid casks are created using a mixture of 5 different trees from unique origins, including chestnut and oak trees from America, Portugal, Hungary and France. As each of these trees are from a different region, there’s a unique flavour variant that emerges from each of them which is what gives the whiskey such a distinct flavour.

This whiskey is designed for forward thinkers who like to push boundaries and experiment above and beyond tradition. There are a lot of different tasting notes to cover, such as vanilla, roasted coffee, pineapple, red apple, and fig so you’re really just going to have to try it out for yourself and see what your palate comes across! Since the founding of Kinahan’s in Dublin in 1779, they’ve always strived to make history in the world of whiskey, which is why they’ve been given the name of the “Pioneer of Irish Whiskey”.

Shipping: UK, USA, and EU

Price: £35.00/$40.00/€35.00-€40.00

Waterford Distillery The Cuvée

A fancy bottle of Irish whisky next to a blue bottle box.
The Cuvée

Ireland’s oldest city, Waterford, is a must-visit for anyone visiting Ireland. It’s a stunning historic city to walk around with a lot of unique points of interest to visit. It was once the wine capital of Ireland too, but it’s now producing one of the finest examples of Irish single malt whisky. Waterford Distillery incorporates the ancient terroir methodology in its distilling process, using locally grown Irish barley and high-quality oak casks to create its distinct flavour.

The Cuvée is a culmination of all of the processes and methods that Waterford Distillery uses in its whisky production, with a little inspiration from the chateaux of France. This is a very complex whisky to drink, and you’ll be able to taste hints of dark chocolate, grapefruit, lemon zest, and dried herbs - among others. It’s a rather dry finish but that falls away relatively quickly and leaves you wanting to take another sip. The processes and methods that Waterford Distillery uses in all of their spirits are a blend of ancient practices with a few modern approaches which makes for a very unique whisky that you won’t find anywhere other than Waterford.

Shipping: UK, USA, and EU

Price: £70.00/$95.00/€80.00

These unique global spirits all offer something a little different and have very interesting backstories to discover. While you’re on your travels hopefully you’ll be in some of the regions where these global spirits are made and will be able to stop by their distilleries or pop into one of their shops to learn more about the history tied to them as well as the distilling process. Now it’s time to pick your favourite spirit and start planning your next big adventure.

There are plenty of spirits from different countries to sample, so if you think there’s one I absolutely need to try next please let me know! You can get in touch via the comment section below or reach out through email or Instagram.


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