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Things To Do Near Los Caños de Meca

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

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Los Caños de Meca is one of the most popular towns along the Costa de la Luz, and although there aren’t too many things to see in the town itself, it’s the perfect area to stay if you want to be close to some of the best beaches in Cádiz and within a short driving distance from many of the most beautiful white villages in Andalucía. This little corner of Cádiz is growing in popularity with watersport enthusiasts, and there are plenty more unique things to do near Los Caños de Meca too. This area is without a doubt a beautiful hidden gem in southern Spain to travel to, with its pristine and unspoiled beaches as well as its crystal clear water.

There are some great restaurants in Los Caños de Meca to choose from, with markets taking place throughout the summer months, including a very popular Vegan market. Los Caños de Meca is known for its alternative lifestyle, so you can be sure of a very relaxed atmosphere which contrasts sharply with the Costa del Sol and the Málaga area. If you run out of things to see in Los Caños de Meca and fancy a change of scenery for the day, there are some great day trips you can go on to places such as Cádiz and even Gibraltar. Here are some of my top picks for things to do near Los Caños de Meca:

Faro de Trafalgar

Aerial view of a white lighthouse on a sand dune next to the sea.
Faro de Trafalgar

If you’re a history lover like me, you’ll definitely want to visit Cape Trafalgar and Faro de Trafalgar. This lighthouse is one of the most popular sites to visit along the Costa de la Luz, and is a beautiful spot to watch the sunset from. Built in 1860, the lighthouse is still functioning today and you can walk right up to its gate to take a look at it, though it looks better from afar in my opinion. Cape Trafalgar is where the famous naval battle took place as well, so this location has a lot of history surrounding it. A walk to Faro de Trafalgar is one of the best things to do near Los Caños de Meca.

Playa del Faro de Trafalgar

A white sandy beach during low tide with rocks on it and a blue wrecked wooden boat with a lighthouse in the background.
Playa del Faro de Trafalgar

Following the path to the other side of the lighthouse will bring you to a popular beach in Cádiz called Playa del Faro de Trafalgar. If you’d rather walk along the water instead of through the sand dunes, you can also take a slightly longer walk and follow the perimeter of the beach to get here. In the summer months this beach is very busy, but in the off season you’ll have it all to yourself like we did! The weather around Los Caños de Meca can get quite windy, so double check the wind speed before heading to any of the beaches here.

Playa de Zahora

A sandy beach at sunset with a pick and orange sky.
Playa de Zahora

One of our favourite beaches near Los Caños de Meca is Playa de Zahora. You can walk to it from Playa del Faro de Trafalgar if you want, but we usually drive there and park closeby. This stunning beach is very popular with locals, and there are a few restaurants and bars lined up along it so you don’t have to go far if you get hungry. If you’re planning on spending a weekend in Los Caños de Meca and can’t decide which of the many beaches to choose from, this is probably one of the better options. Plus, it’s a dog friendly beach in Cádiz too!


A row of beach shacks made into boutique clothing shops.

Next to Los Caños de Meca is another quirky coastal town called Zahora. We often come here for dinner as there are a number of fantastic restaurants to choose from that aren’t overpriced. As well as restaurants, there are some boutique shops to take a look at which sell local artisan crafts and Bohemian-style clothing. The latest restaurant we tried here was Alma Zahora Beach Room & Pizzeria. The freshly made pizzas were delicious, and they have a quirky outdoor seating area which is nice to dine in. Zahora also has some more traditional places to eat which are popular with locals and regular visitors.

Mistura in Conil de la Frontera

A white bowl with gazpacho topped with tuna pieces and pine nuts.

If picturesque white villages are your thing, a short drive to Conil de la Frontera should be on your list. Visiting this village is a popular thing to do near Los Caños de Meca as there are quite a few points of interest here to explore. Recently, we visited Conil de la Frontera for lunch after coming across Mistura on Instagram. Their menu is based on international food, offering everything from poke bowls to more traditional Spanish dishes with a modern twist. We liked it so much that we came back twice in three days!

Medina Sidonia

View of a medieval church tower from the ruins of a castle.
Medina Sidonia

One of the more unique places in Cádiz to visit is the inland city of Medina Sidonia. It takes 40 minutes by car to drive to, so it’s a good option for a day trip from Los Caños de Meca. With a history dating back to the time of the Phoenicians, it’s considered to be one of the oldest cities in all of Europe, and there are some incredible historical points of interest to explore while you’re here. Two of my favourite landmarks are the Iglesia de Santa Maria de Coronada and Castillo de Medina Sidonia, which dates back to the 11th century. Visiting this hillside city is a great thing to do near Los Caños de Meca if you have time.

Vejer de la Frontera

A small plaza with white buildings and tall palm trees.
Vejer de la Frontera

Personally, my favourite place to visit on the Costa de la Luz is Vejer de la Frontera. This unique white village sits at the top of a hill overlooking the countryside on one half and the sea on the other. It’s played a key strategic role since the time of the Romans, and much of its later Arab architecture is still intact. Vejer is also known for its incredible food scene, with more than one restaurant in the village winning prestigious awards annually. If you’re on the hunt for things to do near Los Caños de Meca and you haven’t been to Vejer de la Frontera before, I’d put it at the top of your priorities.

Baelo Claudia

Ancient Roman ruins of a town directly next to a white sandy beach.
Ruins of Baelo Claudia

Further along the coastline from Los Caños de Meca is where you’ll find the famous Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia. Once a prosperous Roman seaside town known for its fish processing and trade with the North African ports, Baelo Claudia now stands as one of the best preserved Roman archaeological sites in Andalucía, dating back to the 2nd century. It’s incredible to walk around these ruins, which in parts are just as well preserved as Pompeii, and it’s definitely one of the best things to do in Cádiz, especially if you enjoy learning about history. And as a bonus, it’s situated along one of the best beaches in Cádiz as well!

Playa de Bolonia

The end part of a beach with rocks in the water and natural swimming pools forming.
Playa de Bolonia

Playa de Bolonia is very well known for its protected sand dunes and pine forests, but it’s also got its hidden secrets. If you’re up for a 45 minute walk, at the far end of Playa de Bolonia is where you’ll find some natural swimming pools at low tide. Some of these pools produce mud which people use to cover their bodies in as they chill along this stretch of the beach. People even collect this mud and sell it on the nearby markets to tourists! We visited on a very cloudy day, and the tide wasn’t fully out yet, so we only managed to find a tiny amount of mud to use - but we had a lot of fun! It’s a fantastic off the beaten path location in Cádiz to visit if you can spare a few hours.


A historical stone street lined with white buildings and restaurants.

Another great thing to do near Los Caños de Meca is to drive to the very popular village of Tarifa, known as the kitesurfing capital of Europe. If you’re a bit tired out from all of the beaches you’ve been visiting, the old town of Tarifa is beautiful to walk around, and slightly less windy than the beaches in Tarifa too. After visiting its medieval castle and wandering around its historical streets, I’d recommend dining in a very unique restaurant in Tarifa called Atxa Restaurante which is tucked away down a side street and offers local cuisine in a fine dining atmosphere. Tarifa is also a popular day trip from Málaga if you don’t mind a longer drive to get there.

Feduchy in Conil de la Frontera

A blue bowl with pasta shells topped with cheese.

A trip back to Conil de la Frontera before leaving the Los Caños de Meca area is a must if you want to treat yourself to a nice dinner. Feduchy is located in the centre of Conil, in one of its small plazas, and offers outdoor seating which is nice during the warmer months. It’s slightly pricier than other restaurants in the area, but the food is worth it. Their menu has a good selection on it, offering things like burgers, poke bowls, and fresh pasta dishes. Don’t leave without trying out one of their desserts though!

There really are some great things to do near Los Caños de Meca, especially if you’re not into watersports and like to venture away from beaches from time to time. Of course, some of the best beaches in Cádiz are located in this part of the province though, so you might as well check out a few of them at least. No road trip in southern Spain is complete without driving along the Costa de la Luz, and if you can spare a few days here you definitely won’t regret it.

Thinking of visiting Los Caños de Meca? Or know of any other places near Los Caños de Meca to visit? Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to follow my travels on Instagram for more travel tips!


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