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Road Tripping in Andalusia with VanBreak

Van life is a very popular way to travel right now, and is only growing in popularity. The freedom to drive anywhere you want, sleep wherever you like, and basically do everything on your own terms is quite naturally very appealing to a lot of people. I've recently seen many blogs and Instagram posts about people living the van life and travelling around the world on four wheels. Before heading to Estonia and Russia, I've made a stop (again) in Malaga, and joined forces with VanBreak to explore another part of Andalusia that I missed last time! From Malaga, we headed towards Seville, stopping at a number of villages, passing through the Rio Tinto area, exploring the Cueva de las Maravillas, and finishing at one of the many beaches near Huelva. Since we were very close to the border with Portugal, the next day we made a little trip over the border to check out the incredible Benagil Cave. VanBreak give you the option of renting a number of sports equipment, such as a stand up paddle board, which is essential to getting to the cave (and saves you a lot of money renting it from the kiosk at the beach). We also stopped at Ponta de Piedade, which I would highly, highly recommend visiting for some incredible views that'll take your breath away. The next day we headed towards Cadiz, stopping at some beautiful beaches such as the "German Beach", before parking at Playa Bolonia, where we spent the entirety of the following day! If you're in the Tarifa area, I'd recommend checking out Freeride Tarifa for some kite surfing lessons, which is a very popular activity in the area. They have a number of different programs to cater to your needs too, and are very flexible!

So, let's talk about the van shall we? We rented the California Ocean, which was incredibly well equipped. There was an immense amount of storage in the van, including a mini "dressing room" with a mirror. We were provided with pillows and bedding, and there is the option of flattening the back seat and sleeping there, or opening the roof and sleeping on the upper level which is the better option if it's a warm night. Each window has a sun screen too for added privacy. The kitchen is a good size to use and comes with a fridge, two gas hobs, and a sink which makes cooking a breeze. When the roof is opened you can fully stand up inside the van as well. It also comes with kitchenware and a foldout table so you can sit inside and enjoy your food. The water tank is easy to fill at any gas station, and there is an attachable shower head at the back of the van to use as well! It's also very easy to park because it has a rear camera and parking sensors, and it resists well to slopes. One of my favourite things about the van was the outside awning and the table and chairs, which meant we could sit outside in the shade and enjoy the gorgeous weather while we had some breakfast. Click here to read more about the van's equipment.

Below are some highlights and stops we made along our road trip to the western coast of Andalusia, and a couple of insider snaps of our van, because I know I've just peaked your interest in it!

Stop Off at Some of the Villages
Our route was full of small, unique villages, each with their own pull and charm. While some had whitewashed houses, others boasted formidable ancient town walls and castles.
Rio Tinto
Located north of Huelva, these famous mines and red river are a must-see. Head there early in the day as there are only set times you can visit.
Beach Break
Our first night was spent right next to the beach, which was amazing!

One of my favourite things about "van life" is that you can make your breakfast right on the spot, no matter where you've parked. Our van was fully equipped with two gas hobs and a sink, which is all we needed to make a 5 star breakfast.
Hop Over the Border to Portugal's Algarve Coast
How stunning is this? Ponta de Piedade is a definite highlight of the Algarve Coast region, and is a great place to go kayaking. It's completely free to visit and take in these views, and being only a short drive from Andalusia is a bonus!

Benagil Cave
Grab your stand up paddle board and head to this cave! The boat tours are expensive, so it was a good thing we added a board to our van package!

Another Beach Break
On our way back from Portugal, we spotted a fairly quiet beach just off of the main road, so of course we had to make a short stop and dip our toes in.
Take in the Sunset
While you're driving, you come across some pretty beautiful sunsets. Our van was very comfortable to sit in, and with the option of pulling out the folded chairs and sitting outside, we made a lot of stops to take in the views in the evenings.
Fancy Evening Meals
Who says you can't eat nice while living out of a van? We may have gone a bit extra, but the kitchen had everything you needed to make a delicious meal, and the foldout table means you don't have to sit outside to eat in the pitch black!
Baelo Claudia
Roman ruins by the beach? Yes please! There's parking at the ruins, and when you want to head to the beach there's a large parking lot nearby too.

Parking with a view!
Playa Bolonia
Let's take a moment to appreciate these views. The sand was extremely hot, and I may have been complaining a lot but the views at the top of the sand dunes were worth it!

The van had a lot of storage spots, which was great because we brought probably too many things with us! There's even a mirror in your "dressing room", and plenty of places to store your clothes and towels for the beach.

The fridge is a great addition and holds a lot too. We went shopping the first day and filled it, so we were prepared to cook whenever we wanted.

The van also comes complete with kitchenware, including a coffee maker. The passenger seat swivels round too, so you can sit on either side of the table!

The best thing about van life? Parking wherever you want and catching some incredible views.

This is honestly the best way to explore Andalusia (and beyond). It was my first time travelling with a camper van and I would 100% do it again with VanBreak! Click here to book your van now and start exploring this beautiful part of Spain on your own terms.


My name is Krista, and like many people I love to travel! I think it's important that people share their travel experiences, so I hope that mine help you in some way in your own travels, or inspire you to travel more! 

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