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Living (in a) Hotel, Frankfurt

If you're looking for a modern and unique place to stay during your trip, Living Hotel Frankfurt is the perfect fit. It has a very relaxed feel to it, and the self-service check-in process couldn't be easier to use (someone is on hand to help you though so don't worry). It's about a 30 minute walk from the city centre, but on your walk you pass through some lovely areas of the city. There is also public transport easily accessible. When I arrived there was even a jazz evening going on in the "living room" area! Yes, I said living room. It's their version of a modern lobby, and it's a really fun idea that makes you feel right at home! In terms of breakfast, they have everything you could need, and even the food is set out in a unique way. The room I stayed in was incredible. I honestly can't stop talking to people about it. It came with a fully equipped kitchen, a very large shower and an unbelievably comfortable bed complete with an enormous television on the wall. It even had a touchscreen for all of the lights. Words can't do it justice, so check out my photos below!

See what I mean by living room? Not your typical lobby, but oh so welcoming.

I loved the setup of this breakfast! Much more unique than other hotels.

There were lots of options of cheese, meats and yogurt.

Fresh bread is always best in my opinion.

I think this amused me for a good 10 minutes. Fresh honey that you can either take from the bowl or eat right from the honeycomb!

How cozy does this bedroom look!? It was like a dream sleeping in this bed.

This was such a nice bathroom, and the shower was perfect. I do love a good bathroom after all.

I love red, so this kitchen was just amazing for me.

I may have sat in this chair and spun around a few times pretending to be a villain.

The room was fully equipped! There wasn't anything missing that I needed which was perfect!

Interested in staying at this gorgeous new hotel? Click here to check out their website and book in. If you have any questions about my stay, or about the city in general, drop me an email!


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