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Inno Supps Night Shred Review: Great For Workouts and Travelling

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission from the discount codes used or when a link/ad is clicked. All purchases made will come at no extra cost to you, and I only include products and services that I have personally used and would recommend.

I’m not usually one to promote supplements or health products since I’m no expert on the subject. However, I recently got my hands on Inno Supps’ Night Shred and have been pleasantly surprised at how effective they’ve been in helping me get a good night's sleep. When I’m travelling and staying in hotels or B&B’s, sometimes I find it really difficult to get to sleep early, or I find myself waking up a few times during the night. The result? Me being extremely tired in the morning and struggling to get the motivation to get moving and start exploring new places. That’s where Night Shred comes in. But before I get too deep into my own thoughts on the product, you’re probably wondering who Inno Supps are and what exactly Night Shred is, so let’s tackle some of those questions first.

Bottle of pill supplements in a navy packaging, smaller bottle of liquid supplement in a red bottle with a laptop behind them.
Inno Supps

Who are Inno Supps?

Inno Supps is a legit company based in America who produce fat-burning and workout recovery supplements, which are both vegan friendly and made with natural products. That’s right - no additives are included! They are a relatively new brand who have only been on the scene for a couple of years now, but they have been featured in several magazines and are very popular with fitness influencers and professional athletes too. But that’s not to say that their products are limited to fitness enthusiasts!

What is Night Shred?

With thousands of 5 star reviews, Night Shred is Inno Supps’ most popular product ever and is only increasing in popularity. As the name suggests, Night Shred is a supplement you take right before going to bed, and it helps to maximize your quality and quantity of sleep by improving your REM sleep as well as aiding your metabolism in the fat burning process. It’s also great for overnight muscle recovery if you’ve been hitting the gym or have maybe been on a long hike or walk during the day (or trudging around a new city taking photos, like me).

Bottle of Night Shred supplments in a blue bottle sitting on pink bed sheets with a blanket folded in the background.
Night Shred

What ingredients are in Night Shred?

Unlike a lot of supplement brands, Inno Supps prides themselves on having natural ingredients in all of their supplements. Night Shred is completely vegan friendly, and is lactose, gluten, and soy free as well, making it the perfect addition to your nightly routine no matter what your dietary requirements are. Night Shred in particular is bursting with fantastic natural products to help in your nighttime recovery such as passion flower, Valerian root, Chamomile, melatonin, and ashwagandha.

For a full list of ingredients, head over to Night Shred's page.

When should you use Night Shred?

If you constantly find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, and aren’t getting a proper night’s sleep, Night Shred may be able to help. When I’m not travelling from place to place, I like to maintain a healthy lifestyle at home and regularly go to the gym and crossfit classes. By taking Night Shred 30 minutes before sleeping, it really helps to relax my muscles and I’m able to fall asleep much quicker. This makes it ideal for travelling as well, because I’m sure most of us have problems sleeping the first couple of nights we’re away from our own bed! It also doesn’t hurt that at the same time it’s helping you to sleep, it’s aiding your metabolism too.

Navy supplement pill bottle open on its side on a bed with pink sheets with the pills spilling out of it.
Night Shred

Have I seen any improvement in my sleep from taking Night Shred?

After reading some reviews, there were a few people that said you needed to take Night Shred for up to 90 days before really seeing any results, but I’ve been taking it for less than half of that time and have already seen an improvement in my sleeping pattern. I tend to be quite a light sleeper and wake up with any little noise, but recently I’ve been sleeping through until the morning which has made me a lot more energized throughout the day (and more willing to wake up for crossfit too)!

Any side effects to taking Night Shred?

I’ve had no negative side effects from taking Night Shred, and since the supplement contains natural products I don’t believe I will be getting any. Please check Inno Supps' website before purchasing any of their products if you have any health concerns.

How much does Night Shred cost?

A bottle of Night Shred supplements currently costs $44.99 for a single purchase, which includes 60 tablets that will last you for 30 days (you take two tablets at night). There is also an option of signing up for a Night Shred subscription which will give you 20% off, making them only $35.99 a bottle.

Navy supplement bottle sticking out of the side of a small pouch of a backpack.
Night Shred

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Volcarn 2000

This is another supplement that I picked up from Inno Supps because I have been going to crossfit more often while I’ve been unable to travel during the various lockdowns we’ve been having. Volcarn 2000 is a stimulant-free supplement that quite literally heats your body up within 15 minutes of taking a spoonful of it. The purpose of this is to aid in the fat burning process while you workout, and to give you a little extra energy boost too. I’ve only used this a couple of times so far, so I can’t attest to its fat-burning capabilities, but I can say with certainty that I’ve been a lot warmer than usual during my workouts. They have a few different flavours to choose from, which have been made without any harmful artificial sweeteners, and one bottle contains 32 doses at a cost of $28.99 or $23.19 with a subscription.

Small red liquid supplement bottle in front of a black water bottle and a weight.
Volcarn 2000

Inno Supps has a wide variety of supplements to choose from on their website, depending on your personal needs. Whether you’re a die-hard gym fanatic or simply like to live a healthy lifestyle both at home and while travelling (like I do), they have something for everyone. The fact that all of their supplements contain natural products and are vegan friendly makes Inno Supps much more appealing than many of its competitors in the market.

Here’s hoping we can all sleep a little better in the next hotel we stay at!

Please feel free to check out my Inno Cleanse review as well.



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