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Indulge in Manchester

Manchester is one of those cities where you can constantly find something to do. Whether that be taking in some football, indulging in the many restaurants and bars, taking in the city's history, or treating yourself to a little shopping. There's something for everyone! It's also known as the birthplace of the industrial revolution, so there are plenty of museums and spots to visit that revolve around that chapter of its history. I spent two nights there, staying at the gorgeous SACO Apartments, and I'm not going to lie, a lot of my activities involved food or drinks, mainly because I wanted to treat myself a little. If you have time, you can visit the set of Coronation Street as well, which I'm definitely planning to do at some point! If you fancy a night out, Canal Street is perfect, and ideally it isn't far from the apartment I stayed in. Manchester is a city that blends its history with its progressive nature perfectly, and I'd highly recommend spending at least one night here!

Visit Old Trafford
No trip to Manchester is complete without visiting the best football stadium in the world! If you travel by train and plan to visit on the same day, check out Northern Rail's 2-for-1 ticket vouchers beforehand!
Stop for Brunch in the Northern Quarter
Manchester's Norther Quarter is bursting with fantastic places to eat and shops to explore. I stopped off at Teacup Kitchen for brunch, and kind of wish that I would have ordered a slice of this cake.
Explore Spinningfields
Head over to Spinningfields for some amazing cocktail spots and upscale restaurants/shops. The Alchemist is a new fabvourite of mine!

The Alchemist is amazing for cocktails. They mix in some science and magic!
Bee in the City
Bees are an important symbol to the city of Manchester, and there are now loads of sculptures placed all over the city for you to find!
The John Rylands Library
This is a stunning library situated right in the heart of Manchester. Best of all, it's free to go in!
Tapas at Revolucion de Cuba
Tapas and Margaritas. What more could you ask for? It's also right across from the cinema! I may have gone and seen Mamma Mia 2 for the third time.
Freakshakes at Black Milk
I saved the best for last. These are incredible. I can't even describe them. Just look at them! Make sure you go.

I'm really looking forward to returning to Manchester. It looks like all I did was eat, but I did explore the streets and shops as well I promise! I'd love to hear some recommendations for my next visit too!


My name is Krista, and like many people I love to travel! I think it's important that people share their travel experiences, so I hope that mine help you in some way in your own travels, or inspire you to travel more! 

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