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Fun Activities For Adults in London That Need To Be in Your Itinerary

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London is a very vibrant and diverse city to visit and every corner is practically teeming with historical points of interest. There’s something for everyone in the British capital though, whether you’re interested in history or not, and as long as you do some research beforehand you’ll have no problems filling up your itinerary. Having visited London numerous times before I’ve been fortunate enough to visit most of the city’s main attractions already, so this time around we were on the hunt for some fun activities for adults in London instead - and we didn’t have too far to look!

Depending on what time of the year you visit the city you may have to look for indoor activities in London to entertain yourself with. Luckily London has some of the best indoor attractions in the country and there are always new activities opening up, so even if you’ve been to London before you’ll find plenty of new things to try out. If you’re looking for fun date activities in London or want to design an alternative London itinerary and skip the tourist hotspots, here are some fun activities for adults in London to get you started.

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Fun Activities For Adults in London

Up at The 02

View of the River Thames from on top of The 02 Arena.
View from the top of The 02

One of the most unique activities you can do in London is to climb to the top of the famous 02 Arena in Greenwich. Up at The 02 is a great adventurous thing to do in London that requires you to climb over the roof of the arena while being strapped into a safety harness. You’ll join a group of other climbers and will be led by professionals so there’s no need to worry!

At the top you can enjoy panoramic views of London while having a refreshing beverage of your choice. There are also plenty of photo opportunities and at the end of the climb you can choose which ones you want to purchase - if any.

We joined one of their daytime climbs but they also have sunset, twilight, and celebration climbs as well as climb and dine experiences. You'll be given proper climbing shoes and a jacket if you require them too. Tickets start from £35.00 per person and sell out quickly in peak season so make sure you book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Smuggle alcohol into Alcotraz

A jail cell inside a speakeasy in London.

There are plenty of cocktail bars in London to choose from, but you won’t find a cocktail experience quite like Alcotraz. This speakeasy cocktail bar in London is a fun and interactive experience where you’ll check yourself into Alcotraz Prison. Inside you’ll be given your prison uniform and a cell to sit in, and throughout the timed experience you’ll be immersed into prison life with the help of live actors.

Your ticket also includes 4 cocktails per person which are made using alcohol that you need to smuggle into the prison! The entire experience lasts just under 2 hours and costs £39.99. It’s a really fun activity for adults in London to try and it’s much better than going to a regular cocktail bar in the city.

Get your game on at FAIRGAME

A fairground game inside an adult only gaming bar.

If you’re still a kid at heart then you’ll love FAIRGAME in Canary Wharf. This is an adults only activity in London and is perfect for some evening fun. Inside there are 9 fairground games to play against other players and you’ll be able to play each one twice in a row.

You’ll have the chance to win their iconic teddy bear if you beat a certain score on one of the games too! In between playing the fairground games you can treat yourself to some drinks from the bar and grab some of London’s most popular street food from the food stalls inside.

This is a modern take on fairground games so your scores are recorded electronically. At the end of the night you can check the leaderboard and see who in your group has come out on top. FAIRGAME do allow walk-ins but as you can imagine it’s a very popular indoor attraction in London so booking ahead is recommended. Tickets only cost £15.00 per person and once you enter you’ll have 75 minutes to play both rounds of all of the games.

Join a Borough Market Food Tour with Eating Europe

Half a piece of haddock and a portion of chips at the market.
Fish Kitchen

In every city that I visit I always do some research to see if there are any food tours on offer. With London being a big city there are quite a few options available that cater to different interests. We booked the Eat the Borough Market Tour with Eating Europe which was an incredible way to not only learn more about the history of the Borough Market area but also try food from some of the best food spots in and around the market that are popular with locals.

The market itself is very crowded so tour groups aren’t permitted to stand inside it for safety reasons. A lot of the talking was done around the perimeter of the market and down nearby side streets, with most of the food being from various market stalls. I’m not going to ruin the fun of finding out where you’ll be eating, but I will say that the food options were a perfect balance of sweet and savoury and really focused on traditional English food.

The Borough Market Food Tour lasts for 3 hours and an adult ticket costs £89.00. This is one of the best food tours we’ve been on, with engaging and interesting tour guides that really knew their facts. What better way to explore the streets of London than with some food in hand?

Immerse yourself in art at Frameless

Famous medieval piece of art projected onto a wall.

London has a lot of art galleries to hop between and they’re all great ideas for things to do in London in the rain. But if traditional art galleries aren’t really your thing then I would highly recommend heading over to Frameless instead. This immersive art space is the largest permanent multi-sensory experience in the country and allows visitors to walk around 4 different art galleries. Each gallery is centred around a different period of art so you’ll no doubt walk through some paintings that you’re familiar with.

The paintings are projected onto the walls, ceiling, and floor with moving elements and background music that makes you feel like you’re in the art itself. It’s a phenomenal attraction in London, close to Marble Arch, and is a must-do in the city. Tickets for Frameless cost £25.00 per person and the galleries should take you no more than 90 minutes to walk around - unless you get too immersed in them!

Watch a football match at Wembley Stadium

View of the pitch at Wembley for Chelsea vs Manchester United.
Wembley Stadium

Even if you aren’t a football/soccer fan you absolutely need to attend at least one match at the iconic Wembley Stadium. We were fortunate enough to get a pair of tickets to the women’s FA Cup final with Chelsea vs Manchester United and it was incredible. There are some food stalls set up along the street leading up to the stadium as well as games and other activities too. There are always sporting events or concerts taking place at Wembley so take a look at what’s on and see if something interests you!

Where To Stay in London

Crowne Plaza London Docklands

The Docklands can be an overlooked part of London for people to base themselves from unless they're attending an event at The 02 or the ExCel Exhibition Centre. It’s actually the perfect area to stay though, with convenient underground links to central London and easy access to Greenwich via cable car across the Thames.

We stayed at Crowne Plaza London Docklands for two nights, in a very spacious superior room with river views. The room was fully equipped with a large TV, heating and air conditioning, a king sized bed, a mini cooler, and we were even treated to a nice box of truffles from a local chocolatier. A beautiful breakfast buffet was included with our stay as well which featured a fantastic selection of hot and continental food - the perfect way to start the day!

The hotel even has its own restaurant, Docklands Bar & Grill, which has a very diverse menu. I dined here one of the evenings and was very pleased with how fresh the food was with a focus on seasonal ingredients. They also have a nice cocktail menu to dive into before you head out for the evening. I would recommend the pina colada which is huge and comes in a unique pineapple-shaped glass!

Crowne Plaza London Docklands is an ideal hotel to base yourself from during any trip to London, with modern and comfortable rooms complimented by a delicious buffet breakfast and the perfect dining experience. You can also take full advantage of the leisure club and spa treatments while you’re here to complete your relaxing stay.

>> Click here to book your stay at Crowne Plaza London Docklands <<

London can be an overwhelming city to visit, especially if it’s your first time in the capital. There are almost too many things to do to wrap your head around so it’s important to do a little bit of research beforehand. Whether you’re looking for group activities in London, date night ideas, or are wondering what to do in London for a day, you’ll be spoiled for choice with so many fun activities for adults in London to choose from. Hopefully this little list helps you plan your upcoming trip!

If you have any questions about visiting London or unique things to do in London please feel free to reach out via email, and you can always follow my travels on Instagram and get in touch there.


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