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Walking the Fife Coastal Path

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

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Scotland is full of beautiful scenery, so it's no surprise that it beat Canada to the top spot in the New York Post's list of the world's most beautiful countries. I know, I know, Canada is pretty amazing, and normally I would argue Canada's case. But once you take a look at the photos below, you'll understand why Scotland deserves to be at the top. If you're unsure of where to go on your next trip, make Scotland your travel destination.

The Fife Coastal Path stretches for 117 miles across the Kingdom of Fife. Although I haven't managed to walk all of it (yet), the parts I have explored are breathtaking. When the sun's shining, it's hard to believe you're actually in Scotland. It's considered one of the best walking routes in Scotland, and is a great option if you're looking for a day out in Fife. Here are some photos from what I believe to be the best section of the Fife Coastal Path:

Lady's Tower

Lady's Tower along the Fife Coastal Path, Scotland
Lady's Tower

Lady's Tower was once used as a changing room for Lady Janet Anstruther when she went on her daily swim. I had no idea this was on the route so it was a nice surprise. It was built in the late 18th century and still stands proudly along the coastline.


Elie harbour with boats along the Fife Coastal Path, Scotland

I never expected Elie to be so picturesque, but it had so many beautiful spots to take photos at that I ended up spending a couple of hours here. There are a number of Fife fishing villages along the coastal route, and each one is just as beautiful as the next. I also made a stop at Anstruther, which has Scotland's best chippy.

Elie Ness Lighthouse

Elie Ness Lighthouse along the Fife Coastal Path, Scotland
Elie Ness Lighthouse

Elie Ness Lighthouse is just a short walk from Lady's Tower, and was one of my favourite viewpoints along the Fife Coastal Path. If you're spending one week in Scotland and want to experience its beautiful coastlines, I would highly recommend taking a day trip here.

St Monans

St Monans church and graveyard along the Fife Coastal Path in Scotland
St Monans

St Monans is a charming little village along the coast of Fife. It's the smallest fishing post in the area, and is only around 12 miles from St Andrews. It's very easy to get to with public transportation if you don't have a car, or you can make this one of your stops if you're planning on walking the Fife Coastal Path. It also has this gorgeous church set right on the edge of the cliff with stunning views of the coastline.


Pittenweem small coastal village along Fife Coastal Path, Scotland

A very short walk from St Monans is the fishing village of Pittenweem. Every year at the beginning of August they turn the whole village into an arts festival, which I stumbled upon by accident. This area has one of the best coastal walks in Scotland, so if you're an avid walker or hiker, add this to your Scottish itinerary.


Coastline of Crail along the Fife Coastal Path, Scotland

Crail was once a royal burgh, and still boasts cobbled streets leading down to the harbour. Although I didn't venture into the town centre too much, I did manage to find this gorgeous viewpoint on my walk back to St Andrews. If you don't fancy hiking in Scotland, walking routes can be just as pretty.

Near St Andrews

Clear water along the Fife Coastal Path, Scotland
Fife Coastal Path

No, this isn't the Mediterranean. I came across this spot along the Fife Coastal Path on my walk back to St Andrews, and was amazed at how crystal clear the water was. Don't be deceived though, the water is freezing cold. I bet you didn't imagine walking trails in Scotland would look like this!

Rock and Spindle

Rock and Spindle formation along the Fife Coastal Path, Scotland
Rock and Spindle

This was another spot I came across on the St Andrews coastal path, and later found out it's called the Rock and Spindle. The formation is made from twisted basalt columns, similar to the rock Edinburgh castle is found on.

St Andrews

East Sands in St Andrews from the Fife Coastal Path, Scotland
St Andrews East Sands

I picked up the Fife Coastal Path from East Sands beach in St Andrews. If you're planning on spending a weekend in Scotland but don't want to go to the usual large cities, I would highly recommend taking a tour of St Andrews, and then joining the coastal path from there.

The Fife Coastal Path is one of the best walks in Scotland you'll ever go on, and the nice weather makes it all the more enjoyable. If you don't fancy walking the whole route, you can easily drive or get a bus to the various fishing villages and go on a leisurely walk from there to the gorgeous viewpoints. Next time I visit the Kingdom of Fife, I'll definitely be exploring another section of the Fife Coastal Path.

Thinking of visiting St Andrews? Check out my post covering the best things to do here. And if you're wondering where to stay, I would recommend treating yourself to Rufflets St Andrews. Scotland is also bursting with historic sites and castles to explore, so if you're thinking of planning a road trip to some of them, read Is Scotland's Explorer Pass Worth It? for some helpful tips on how to save money. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram too!


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