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Exploring the Fife Coastal Path

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

Scotland is full of beautiful scenery, so it's no surprise that it beat Canada for the top spot in the New York Post's list of the world's most beautiful countries. I know, I know, Canada is pretty amazing, and normally I would argue Canada's case. But once you take a look at the photos below, you'll understand why Scotland deserves to be at the top. Unsure of where to go on your next trip? Make #Scotland your #travel destination.

The Fife Coastal Path stretches for 117 miles across the Kingdom of Fife. Although I haven't managed to walk all of it (yet), the parts I have explored are breathtaking. When the sun's shining, it's hard to believe you're actually in Scotland!

1. Lady's Tower
This tower was once used as a changing room for Lady Janet Anstruther when she went on her daily swim. I had no idea this was on the route so it was a nice surprise!
2. Elie
I never expected Elie to be so picturesque, but it had so many beautiful spots to take photos.

Is this really Scotland?

I spy a lighthouse!

It even has a beach.

Words just can't do it justice.
3. St Monans
St Monans is a charming little village along the coast. It also has this gorgeous church set right on the edge of the cliff.
4. Pittenweem
A very short walk from St Monans is the fishing village of Pittenweem. Every year at the beginning of August they turn the whole village into an arts festival!
5. Anstruther
A little incentive for your walk. Anstruther Fish Bar has won many awards for their fish, making it one of the best chippies in Scotland!

6. Crail
Crail was once a royal burgh, and still boasts cobbled streets leading down to the harbour. It also has incredible sea views!

7. Somewhere Near St Andrews
No, this isn't the Mediterranean.

Stunning views all around. This isn't far from St Andrews, so you have no excuse not to go exploring!
8. St Andrews
My favourite location in Scotland. You can pick the coastal route up from East Sands.

Have you walked along the Fife Coastal Path? If so, send me a message! I'd love to hear your stories and see your pictures!


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