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Enjoy Helsinki with Hiisi Homes

Hiisi Homes is a great choice of accommodation in the city of Helsinki They have apartments in a couple of locations in the city, as well as other cities such as Espoo. We stayed at their Haaga location, which was only a very short train ride from the central station in the city centre. Pohjois-Haaga train station is located less than 5 minutes from the apartments, and it's a direct journey so you don't need to worry about changing trains all of the time. The area also has some coffee shops in it as well as a large shopping centre close by. There is easy access to the airport from here too.

We arrived very late, around 2am, so were thankful that it was a self-service check-in. The codes to enter the building and get your key are provided before you arrive, so it's very simple to do. We took an Uber from the airport since it was very late, but I wouldn't recommend it as it's extremely expensive. So if you're able to, definitely grab the train or a bus. Download the HSL app to get your transportation ticket, which you can buy for multiple days in order to save money. Overall, this is a great place to stay! I loved being able to make breakfast in the morning rather than blowing my budget on food while out in the city as well. Check out the photos from our stay below!

We were given the studio apartment, which had everything in it and was beautifully designed.

I loved the simplistic design of the apartment, it felt in keeping with Scandinavia.

Our flat had two twin beds in it, and they were very nice to sleep in!

This was a great apartment to come back to after a long day of exploring the city. Naturally I brought my laptop with me to go through all my photos each day!

The couch is very comfortable! You can relax and watch the television from here, with easy access to the kitchen.

The kitchen came complete with everything you could need. There are lots of plates, bowls, cups, and utensils, as well as a fridge/freezer for you to store your food in. It also comes with a few added supplies such as coffee, salt, and pepper.

Cleaning supplies and dishwasher tablets are available for use, so no need to worry about the washing up!

The bathroom was great, and the walk in shower was amazing too! There was shampoo provided as well in case you forget to bring some. Towels are included too.

There's a complete manual about the apartment in the room for you to read as well.

Sit back and relax.

Restaurant Merimakasiini

This is the most legendary seafood restaurant in the city and sits right along the waterfront, so you get some amazing views while you eat! There's a great selection on the menu and everything is fresh and local which is fantastic. They have a lunch menu too, which is a great option if you're wanting to save money! There are also non-seafood options to choose from as well.

Fisken pa Disken

Located in the heart of the city on the top floor of the Kamppi Centre, this restaurant has a more modern approach to seafood. Everything is very fresh and local here as well! It's in a great location next to one of the main stations too. I opted for fish and chips, but there are lots of options such as lobster and king crab too!

Hiisi Homes Haaga is perfectly located to explore all of the key landmarks in the city, including the iconic Helsinki Cathedral in Senate Square.

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