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Eating Your Way Through the German Christmas Markets

Is it really the holiday season without stopping at at least one Christmas market? The answer: no. Over the past few years, I've tried quite a few markets in the UK, so I thought it was a good time to go further afield. And what better market to try than one of Germany's, and Europe's, best! Frankfurt's Christmas markets take up a very large portion of the city. It's by far the largest one I've ever been to. It was full of beautiful stalls selling everything from dried meats, to hand crafted ornaments, to delicious looking chocolates and sweets. The centre of the market is located in the Romerberg, the picturesque main square of Frankfurt's old town. If you're taking a ride on the carousel though, make sure you pay beforehand - it's not free apparently! The best part of any market though, is the food. There is so much food to choose from! I think I did pretty well during my four days in the city tasting some of the best things on offer, and making sure I ate a couple of my favourites as well! I even took a quick train ride over to Mainz and explored their medieval market, and of course checked out its incredible cathedral.

Medieval buildings and a market, what more could you ask for?
My latest food obsession. Potato pancakes with a garlic dipping sauce. Crunchy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. I could eat these all day, every day.
The lead up to this trip consisted of me saying: "I want to get a Bratwurst". I was probably too excited while eating this!
Ahhh schnitzel. One of my favourite German foods. I opted for chicken here, but the pork one is also delicious.
Bratkartoffeln with Bratwurst
Everyone was walking around the market with this, so I had to give it a go! It's basically the German version of home fries, but thinly sliced with a side of sliced Bratwurst. Nom!
Eat a Frankfurter in Frankfurt? Check! I was slightly disappointed that it tasted like a hotdog, but hey, I had to try one while in Frankfurt!
More Kartoffelpuffer in Mainz
Told you I was obsessed. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to eat some more of these!
Also known as Swabian pizza. I love pizza, so this dish was just incredible. The dough was perfect, the creamy sauce was tasty, and the potatoes and bacon on top just added to this amazing creation. I want more. Now.

I had no idea what this was when I bought it, but I knew I had to try it. Turns out, it's a ball of shortcrust pastry, dipped in chocolate. Result? Deliciousness!
Gingerbread Hearts
So much food, so little time! The gingerbread hearts are a personal favourite of mine.

What's your favourite bite to eat at the Christmas markets?


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