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B&B Via Toledo 156: Stay in the Heart of Naples

Naples is a fascinating city to explore. It's bursting with history dating back to its founding by the Greeks over 2500 years ago. Being the third largest city in Italy, there's naturally a lot to do, whether that be devouring one of their famous pizzas, walking through its underground world, or simply taking in the culture and sights of the city itself. That being said, it's vital that you find yourself a good place to stay in the city, close to where all the action is. B&B Via Toledo 156 is located less than a 5 minute walk to the Royal Palace and is right on the doorstep of some amazing streets full of shops and restaurants. In one direction you'll find yourself walking along the coast, in the other you'll be deep within the heart of Naples. The B&B itself is fantastic inside. There are just three rooms available to stay in, each with their own unique design, and they come with Netflix which is a bonus! There's a minibar as well, and some books to read about the area if you need some more inspiration during your trip. The breakfast is lovely also. The pastries come from the owner's family bakery, and there is a great selection of fruits and drinks too! I was only here for one night, and my only regret is that I wasn't able to stay here for longer!

I had a great nights sleep here, the room was very cozy and there was no noise from the streets below. There is an electronic blind that comes down as well to block out the light. The great thing is that there are UK plugs on the wall, which is ideal if you're like me and forgot your adapter!

There's a safe if you need it in the wardrobe, and each room comes with it's own unique mural above the bed.

I loved this bathroom! The colours were really fun, and the shower was amazing.

Normally you could sit out in the sun, but I chose the one day a year it rains in Naples.

There was a good selection at breakfast, and the dining area was very modern.

Sampling some traditional pastries was a great way to start the day!

Make sure you check-in if you're visiting Naples. There are a lot of places to stay but I would highly recommend this B&B. The owner is lovely and has a lot of advice about the city too! Click here to book.


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