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10 Ways to Enjoy Cadiz

If ancient port cities really aren't your thing, they should be. Cadiz is simply stunning, and is surrounded by the sea on three sides. With its gorgeous coastline and white stone buildings shining brightly in the Spanish sunshine, it's no wonder that it's such a popular destination. If Spanish carnivals are of interest to you, Cadiz comes second only to Rio, and I hear it's pretty spectacular. It's definitely rich in history and is considered by many to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in western Europe. If you're looking to catch a birds eye view of the city, climb up the Torre Tavira and check out the city's camera obscura! There's plenty to do for everyone in Cadiz, and if you only have a day to explore the city don't worry, it's completely doable!

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1. Plaza de San Juan de Dios
There are lots of plazas in Cadiz, but this one was one of my favourite and has played a key role in the city since the 16th century.
2. Cadiz Cathedral
The cathedral was built in the 18th century, and although it doesn't date back to the medieval period, it's still an impressive building and adds to the charm of the city.
3. Sample Some Tapas
Pretty sure all of my blog posts about Spain include at least one picture of a tapas dish. But hey, when in Andalusia right?
4. Stroll Along the Coast
You can walk around the whole perimeter of Cadiz in about 45 minutes, and it's a beautiful walk too that includes 2 castles along the way.
5. Castillo de San Sebastian
This castle is pretty unique in that it's set on an islet. If you take a stroll along the path that leads up to it, you'll end up in the middle of the sea and get some great views of Cadiz.
6. Castillo de Santa Catalina
This castle is actually opposite San Sebastian, and if the tide is out you can sit in one of the boats and take in your surroundings.
7. Alameda Apodaca
There are lots of parks in the city, which are a good stop if you need to get out of the sun for a bit. This one in particular is right next to the sea making it great for photos too. There are also enormous trees in it!
8. Roman Theatre
This partially excavated roman theatre dates back to 70BC, and if you don't have time to visit, you can snap a cheeky photo between some buildings like I did.
9. Plaza de Espana
I think every city in Spain has a Plaza de Espana. So of course you need to visit each one.
10. Puerta de Tierra
This monument is built around the remains of the city's defensive walls which marked the entrance to the city.

Cadiz is a great day trip for anyone. If you've been to Cuba, a little birdy told me that it's almost a mirror image of Cadiz, which is why it was used as Havana in a James Bond film. Maybe I need a trip to Cuba to be the judge of that.


My name is Krista, and like many people I love to travel! I think it's important that people share their travel experiences, so I hope that mine help you in some way in your own travels, or inspire you to travel more! 

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